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  • I can help with animation
  • I can help with backgrounds
  • I can help with characters
  • I can help with making music
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  • I can help with proof reading
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The Wandering Wizard Simon Kalimanus
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27 Sep 2021, 06:39
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15 Aug 2022, 07:46
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03 Mar 2022, 04:17
I Can Help With:
I can help with AGS tutoring AGS Tutoring
I can teach the basics.
I can help with animation Animation
I have a bachelor'#039s in film with a minor in animation.
I can help with backgrounds Backgrounds
I do digital painting and pixelling in Photoshop.
I can help with characters Characters
I do character animation in Photoshop and with Adobe Animate and After Effects
I can help with making music Music
I am looking into purchasing FL Studio to do chiptunes.
I can help with play testing Play Testing
I'#039m always happy to try out a game and give my thoughts, but I don'#039t get much time nowadays.
I can help with proof reading Proof Reading
I had a tenth grade reading level in Kindergarten. I know the English language and dialects very well, and I'#039ve taken screenwriting and acting classes.
I can help with scripting Scripting
I taught myself how to program at 7 on a Commodore 64, I just haven'#039t done much with messing with network stuff, but I'#039m sure I could figure it out.
I can help with story design Story Design
Took screenwriting courses and I have two published books and hundreds of articles.
I can help with voice acting Voice Acting
I'#039m a man of a thousand voices.
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