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The entity there in Oregon is only a symptom of things to come.
It's all together possible...


...the end may yet be coming for our heroes. And for us all.

..but is the cult all dead?
You do this in AGS? I thought so! I played all the previous Outer Worlds games and that's what inspired me to come back to AGS after about 20 years away. Thank you, and these are absolutely amazing! My favorite was The Goat Crone, but I absolutely love how they all tie in together. Your work is an inspiration!

Thanks for the tip! It's on there now, my first game added to the AGS database in sixteen years! (EDIT: Fifteen, I forgot Heart of Abraxas...)
@heltenjon I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yes, the endings of all the games in the series will probably always be a bit grim, but you're right... there is a cosmic horror bent behind the whole series, and so there will normally only ever be "Bad" and "Somewhat Decent" endings rather than "Good" ones. I'd originally tried to figure out a "Slightly Better Than Decent" ending, but most of the main horror of the game hits and ramps up at the end after everything has already started hitting the fan.

There are deep mysteries to be unlocked... but not in the next game (well, yes, also in the next game, too...). I don't like handholding in storytelling, and I prefer letting the player's imagination piece it together. All of the important evidence is there for you to be able to figure out the story's background on your own, but it isn't told to you explicitly in the game.

I did try adding it to the games database... it told me it couldn't find the file location. I'm not sure where to point the directory, as it's hosted on and the download button is on a popup window, but I finally have some money and am going to be getting my own website where I can host it soon.

And yes, I'm glad someone found and mentioned the PNG. There are a lot of ESPER case files already, and there are stories and games scattered around the internet. Not all of them coincide with a set timeline, as I've been working on the ESPER series for over twenty years (and at one point I considered setting it in the 80's, because that was before we had cell phones), but starting with The Occultist series I'm going to try getting everything on track. I also keep a notebook full of ideas for future cases that currently numbers nearly a hundred.

Thanks so much for playing through and commenting. Please stay tuned, because more is on the way!

The secret of life is to never be forgotten. Your post here will help preserve his memory, at least among a few friends.
I'm trying to get a character to run out of the room, but it turns out AGS doesn't recognize SetMoveSpeed anymore. Is there a modern equivalent?

EDIT: Nobody's answered this yet, so let me try to get a twofer in... in addition to that, why does animate have you set a loop number? The animation is the character extending his hand to shake, which needs to be done toward the player character. I want the loop played to be based on which direction the character is facing. How does that work?
Well, the voting period is over, and the results are in:

Out of 224 entries, mine was ranked 9th in Story... but what's this?

There were 5 games nominated for Best Game by the host of the competition, and mine made it in that list!

Bugfixes will be coming out in a week or so, which is about the same amount of time before my next competition entry comes out... "The Occultist: Bridge Under Troubled Water" for 2021 Narrative Game Jam. I'm putting out a few of these for horror game jams since it's Halloweeney-times, just to get the word out about the series. After that, I'm going to start on my first full-length Occultist game. I have a huge number of stories to draw from, but I'm thinking it will either be one called "Home Insecurity" or a remake of The Town on the Edge of Darkness.

I'd love a composer and a pixel artist to join the team, if anyone's interested! 
WHY, AGS forums, why??? She canna take much more o' this, cap'n!
That magic wand didn't work! I knew that error message was trouble! My old heart can't take any more of these forum outages!
I got this message:

QuoteWarning: file_put_contents(/var/www/ Failed to open stream: Permission denied in /var/www/ on line 174

...simply by being in the forum and clicking on the logo at the top to go out to the main site on my way to the games page. It's still there on every non-forum page I visit, and it's running extremely slow.

Sorry if this is an inconsequential error, but I'm still a bit freaked out after having lost the forums for most of this past week!

EDIT: on top of that, I just tried to go into the forums again and got an access denied message. I was afraid the forums were down again, so I didn't bother to take down the message as I didn't think I'd be able to report it.
I appreciate it!

One thing that I tend to put in all my adventure games is a mystery that the game doesn't ever tell you the solution to explicitly, but which you as a player can figure out for yourself once you have all the pieces. The whole story is kind of there, you just have to do a lot of investigation on your own. There's also some information you don't get unless you've gotten a lot of other information from other parts of the game. For example, when examining the sigil in the basement of the tower, you can examine it several (I think up to seven) times in a row, where each time Ian figures out a little more about it on his own... but he can't fully figure it out unless you've collected at least one mushroom, showed it to Dr. Stammerts, and listened to him discuss mycology enough that you've heard him discuss mycorrhizal fungal relationships.

If there's anything you want to know more about or think I may have left out, let me know and I'll either add it to the game or just let you in on the secret so you don't have to play all the way through again. Thanks again for playing and leaving your feedback. I've given up on so many of my games because I didn't get any feedback... it's hard to work passionately on a project if you feel like nobody cares, but I knew it would be different here under the sign of the Big Blue Cup!
Wow. I wish I'd seen this before the forums went down. I've been losing my mind thinking not only would I never figure it out, but I'd never be able to get back here to see if anybody else did. That was harrowing!

Thanks so much, Khris, and for Crimson Wizard for your quick reply. I really love this community, and I'm glad to be back.
"What's a Devil to Do," by Harley Poe. I love everything by this artist, but this song is like a snapshot of my own life. The artist and I have very similar life experiences.

You're one of them, although I don't remember you that well. Nice to see familiar faces (screen names, I should say) again!
Hey everyone, I'm The Wandering Wizard! I used to be known as 'esper' around these parts, because that was the name of the game series I was working on. I started here 20 years ago! If Nikolas is still around, he was my best friend in these forums, and even composed the music for a Christmas cantata I wrote and put on in the real world. Now I'm back (from outer space!), and I had settled on using Unity and C# for game production, but I wanted to get back into making adventure games and decided there was no reason to reinvent the wheel when there's already a perfect engine for making adventure games already available. I've rebranded the ESPER series as 'The Occultist,' and recently released my first entry in the series (The Occultist - Old Growth) as part of a game jam on I've found it still a great place here, and I think I'll stick around!

I'm actually looking for a pixel artist and a musician who are fond of the horror genre to help me work on new games and revamp the old ones. I can and have been doing it myself all this time as a solo developer, but my skills are very limited. If anyone is interested, please hit me up! Besides that, I always loved being part of this community (until life, times, trouble, homelessness, marriage, and tragedy took it from me), and would really like to be part of it once more.
I just got back after a many, many years' hiatus. I used to be 'esper' around here, and I started 20 years ago. I just got back and set up here again after all this time, and suddenly the forums went offline for such a long time. I have been super worried! I was looking forward to rejoining the community!
Shadow1000: Thanks for playing! I do want to develop it further, especially since it's part of an ongoing series. I did only have ten days to make it, so I had to release it bugs and all, but as soon as the jam voting period is over, I already have a version with some small fixes (including returning to the scene you mentioned under a spoiler tag) to upload. I've got a thread going on here trying to figure out the inventory bug... so far, it seems to be an AGS internal error that I won't be able to fix on my own. It uses royalty-free music and sound effects, too, but I want to add my own eventually.

I'm glad so many people are pleased with the art... I really am not so pleased with it myself, and I'd like to get a better pixel artist to join my team not just to help me make future Occultist games but to revamp the art in all the previous ESPER games so I can re-release them under the title of 'The Occultist.' I have Aphantasia, so I feel like my art suffers quite a bit as a result and doesn't suit the horror aesthetic.
Whenever you get a chance, it doesn't matter... I can't upload a new version until the voting period for the jam ends in a week anyway. I still would obviously like to get a working version up since the game is part of a series, but I'm under no time constraints.

Thanks for your quick reply, and I'll be quite grateful for any help you may be able to offer (at your leisure!).
Hi all. I've just published a game for ScreamJam on, made in ten days. I seem to have gotten everything working before the deadline, except one little problem with a character animation, but that's not why I'm here... The main problem is one really big game-crashing error that takes place every time an inventory item is used on another inventory item... and on very rare occasions, clicking randomly in the inventory box will crash it as well. I originally scripted it from scratch, but I have copypasted a template version of the inventory handler in and it's still crashing any time you use an item on another item. It doesn't make the game unwinnable... just annoying.

The crash error is this:

Illegal exception
An exception 0xC0000005 occurred in ACWIN.EXE at EIP = 0x0054C057; program pointer is +379, ACI version, gtags (1,1)

AGS cannot continue, this exception was fatal.

in "GlobalScript.asc", line 2148

(This line corresponds to whatever line the item interaction is on, and changes depending on which item you use on which item... there's nothing wrong with any of them as far as I can tell).


I don't mind making the game code available to anyone, since I'm offering it for free anyway. Here's the source files (which includes the infodump for the error):

While you're checking that out, there are two more little issues I'm having which I haven't been able to solve yet, but are extremely minor in comparison...
-The "pointer" mouse mode keeps getting called even when I don't ask it to, particularly in the inventory screen. It should always be defaulting to Interact.
-In room 6, starting on code line 165 to the end, is the script for the climactic moment of the game. Thus, let me put this one in a spoiler tag:
[spoiler]A character starts running toward you, but gets shot before they can reach you. Not only does the character refuse to have their run animation play, but after they are shot, they keep having their 'getting shot' animation play as they glide back to their starting position.[/spoiler]
I've messed with that code over and over, including adding a bunch of superfluous LockView and StopMoving commands, but to no avail. I know the code in there now is wrong, and probably full of spaghett, but it's only that way because I've been finagling with it for so long.
EDIT: I also just remembered one more issue: In one scene that I'm definitely aware of (maybe more), Wait() doesn't seem to work, and the numerical parameter for FadeIn and FadeOut are also not doing anything... no matter how high I set them, FadeOut(), Wait(), and FadeIn() gives me a quick fade to black and then an immediate fade back in. This takes place in GlabalScript.asc lines 1689 to 1709.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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