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Release Date 12 Nov 2007
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory None | None | None
Operating System Windows
Game Genre Contemporary
Game Type Comedy
Story Type Original
Play Length Non-Adventure Game
Language English
Graphics 7, 3
Downloaded 10,402 times


AGS Awards 2007 Wins

AGS Awards 2007 Wins

Best Non Adventure Game Created with AGS
Best Programming

AGS Panel Rating

An excellent arcade game, slightly hampered by odd difficulty spikes. Fine music, and multiple challenges, round off a solid package.

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1991. Two years before the events of 5 Days A Stranger. The eccentric British cat burglar Trilby is at large in an American city, robbing the rich to give to himself. Distrustful of his fellow man and patiently skilled in every aspect of burglary, Trilby is on an ongoing quest to scare the ignorant rich by hitting them where it hurts - their wallets. But will his arrogance cause him to bite off more than he can chew?

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By Dualnames on 24 Jan 2010
Nothing much than a Splinter Cell clone. Good yes indeed no doubt, amazing...to..some.

By Dataflashsabot on 6 Jan 2009
Great! i love 2d stealth games shame there arent many but this was great i didnt like the boss bit though and the mindwash scene is too hard still, a great game!!

By thepr on 30 Nov 2008
I keep playing and I find some stupid things around there. For instance there's always supposed to be a way to bypass cameras and guards, not only sneak through darkness, it's just... not right. A thief has possibilities. And what's with the zapping limit? Thought the game was too easy without it?

By rbaleksandar on 27 Oct 2008
Well, this is definitely a must-have :) There could be a little improvement in the graphics but this is just Yahtzee's style - Good :) Animations are smooth and detailed. There is a nice story in the background which doesn't pop in your eyes but keeps you wondering what's next. There are of course some things I cannot understand e.g. why when I cut a wire sometimes the cameras go off and sometimes the laser detectors?
Play and enjoy the art of virtual theft (better virtual then real ;)).

PS: A tip: at the beginning when you get your first points enable crouch-and-roll. It helps a lot in the next levels.

By Alarconte on 19 Jul 2008
Incredible game, Never thougth about finding a plataform game of this quality for AGS and for a lot of programming languajes. an Art-obre in programming, graphics and story. Remind me a little the Stealth-ingame of Sid Meier's Cover Ops.

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