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Release Date 6 Apr 2007
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory None | None | None
Operating System Windows
Game Genre Historical
Game Type Drama
Story Type Original
Play Length Short Game (can be completed within 30 minutes)
Language English
Graphics 7, 3
Downloaded 2,993 times


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Lif the lizard has lived by himself in the Barren Desert of the West peacefully for a long time until he starts having trouble with money. He is forced to find some way to get 5,000 dollars by tomorrow. When he hears of the Treasure of the Tanones, he starts off on his adventure to find it.

joelphilippage Story, Graphics, Voices, Programing
A Woman For All Seasons Writer, Scripter, Graphics
G. P.'s Lost Adventure Voices
Next to Evil Writer, Scripter, Graphics
Owl's Quest: Every Owl has it's Day Made Game
Raven Chapter 1 Scripter Graphics and Voice Acting
Starship Quasar Portrait art
Tales of Chickenry Programmer and Story
Tales of Chickenry Chapter I Everything
Test Rat Escape Programming, Graphics, Voice Acting

m0ds Music

MarkPhantom Voices

Haddas Voices

Grapefruitologist Voices


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By uvaagsfan on 28 Oct 2007
The Graphics and music are very good... the puzzles are pretty good but some are pretty tricky.

By m0ds on 13 Apr 2007
I agree, it's fun, nice cut-scenes too...but buggy, terribly buggy.

By tinkerer on 12 Apr 2007
Nice bit of work, but a little buggy.

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