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Release Date 31 Jul 2005
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory Occasional, mild | Suggestive dialog | None
Operating System Windows
Game Genre
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Story Type
Play Length Joke Game
Language English
Graphics 3, 3
Downloaded 3,111 times


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This game is 12 meg, it will made you laugh, although it might be in pitty or in the pure randomness of this game, but it was made just for fun and may very well tickle your funny bone. You need WinRAR to unzip this game. Thank you all who were involved in this project it has been fun. :) In addition to the credits below ''4th Guy:Voice Actor''.

What a loser. Director/Writer/Artist

DoorKnobHandle Programmer/Tester
Crash! Evade! Destroy! Beta Testing
Draculator II: Byte of the Draculator beta testing
Indiana Jones™ and the Fountain of Youth DEMO Programming
Indiana Jones™ and the Passage of Saints Testing
Indiana Jones™ and the Temple of Spheres Additional coding
KTX-1 Everything (except music)
PONG Everything
Revelation Everything including art and music as we
The Art of Dying Game Author
The Bum German proofreading
Zombie Attack (BAKE SALE) Testing

Swift Voice Actor

Ubel Voice Actor
Buna Wants Beer Everything except music.
Chalk's Quest Everything except music.
Craft Of Evil Simple Save/Load Module
Deflus Technical Demo Background art, GUI design, scripting, story
Educating Adventures of Girl and Rabbit Graphics, programming, design, writing
Lost In The Nightmare v1.1 Beta test
Lost in the Nightmare: 'Save Our Souls' Betatesting
Tomb of the Moon Art
Unbound Simple Save/Load Module

Pet Terry Voice Actor


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By madmanmunt on 2 Sep 2005
Pixia is one of the strangest experiences I've had in a long time. It's not really a game, more a short, completely surreal cartoon staring some crude scribble characters. There are no puzzles, you only have to get involved once to answer a question and its impossible to get it wrong. However, that's not the point. Pixia isn't meant to be a proper game. Its just a weird curio that is oddly memorable while not being particularly good. Its obviously angling to be a cult favourite but there's very little to treasure here.

By pedrin on 6 Aug 2005
The game was quite good and I really enjoyed it.
A problem that I think it has is that the puzzles are few and quite obvious, but it didn`t prevent me from laughing because of it`s jokes.
I think that the one who made this game possible has potential, if he/she only gave a bit more of effort in making the next game, I assure you that it could be considered as a perfect game

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