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Release Date 30 May 2005
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory None | None | Occasional, mild
Operating System Windows
Game Genre Fantasy
Game Type Horror
Story Type Original
Play Length Short Game (can be completed within 30 minutes)
Language English
Graphics 3, 3
Downloaded 30,061 times


AGS Awards 2005 Wins

AGS Awards 2005 Wins

Best Music

AGS Panel Rating

The addition of voice actors that sound true to the characters and a significantly improved soundtrack make the deluxe version an AGS game not to be missed by fans of the genre.

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Finally, you can experience the Willowbean world with full voice. And in French or German. The deluxe version also features improved graphics, a totally redone soundtrack, and several bug fixes.

Gregjazz Music, scripting, sound
Apprentice Music, scripting, sound
Apprentice II: The Knight's Move Music, scripting, sound
Dr. Lutz and the Time Travel Machine Music.
Missing In Action music
Robotragedy Game's presenter
Robotragedy 2: Countdown To Doomsday Game's presenter
Super Jazz Man Music, sound effects, scripting
The Find Author
What Linus Bruckman Sees When His Eyes Are Closed Instrument Samples, Beta Testing

big brother Art, design, sound
A Tale of Two Kingdoms Sprite art
A Tale of Two Kingdoms: Deluxe Edition Sprite art
Apprentice Art, design, sound
Apprentice II: The Knight's Move Art, design, sound
Blackwell Epiphany Portrait art
Blackwell Legacy, The Sprites/animations
Gemini Rue Portrait Art
Indiana Jones™ and the Fountain of Youth DEMO Character art & animation
Indiana Jones™ and the Temple of Spheres Additional character art & animation
Super Jazz Man Design, dialogue, art

Jaws Voice of Lloyd


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By Helme on 15 Jan 2009
For a game with these high ratings it's a deception to me.

The graphics are very good, the puzzles are O.K. but there are lot of things i didn't like. The interface is unnescessary complicated. The story made me expect something interesting to happen, but there wasn't, and the humor didn't work to good for me.

By Jessica on 26 Jun 2007
I enjoyed everything about it except for the ending and the length, I was really expecting something exciting, particularly having to do with the knight in his dream and the statue in the barn. I think I would have preferred it more as a children's story than an adventure game.

By CapCase on 27 Jan 2007
I submitted this review for Apprentice 1 but I intended it for Apprentice 1 Deluxe. So here it is.

A great little game. It has nice graphics, interesting characters, good puzzles and is very funny. It doesn't have much of a story and is rather short but is still a fun game to play.

By accolyte on 6 Jan 2007
A real little pearl this game, despite it,s humble lenght. The graphics is really good and the music-track is among the best i have ever heard in a freeware title. The voiceovers is also good and read with insight. Puzzles, while not brilliant, works. The only thing that bothered me slightly was the GUI. It was cumbersome to have to switch commands for every object and i would have apprecitated if you could have switched commands with the right mouse button as well. But aside from that there is nothing to dislike about this game which reminded me a little of the monkey-island series.

By fentonfilms on 13 Jun 2006
Brilliant game. The graphics and soundtrack however are outstanding and the voices make the game complete.

The only bits about Apprentice that I found rather annoying or didn't like was the interface and the fact that it was waaaaaaay too short.

The entire game however is amazing and other people should definatly put it on their to-play list. The ending is hilarious by the way.

My rating for Apprentice Deluxe: 9/10

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