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Release Date 29 Jul 2004
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory None | None | None
Operating System Windows
Game Genre Fantasy
Game Type Horror
Story Type Original
Play Length Medium Length Game
Language English
Graphics 3, 3
Downloaded 73,747 times


AGS Awards 2004 Wins

AGS Awards 2004 Wins

Best Animation
Best Background Art
Best Character Art
Best Dialogue Writing
Best Game Created with AGS
Best Music
Best Puzzles

AGS Awards 2004 Nominations

AGS Awards 2004 Nominations

Best Documentation
Best Gameplay
Best Non Player Character
Best Player Character
Best Programming
Best Story
Best Use of Sound

AGS Panel Rating

Some contrived timing puzzles and occasional bugs hold back this otherwise enjoyable sequel.

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The black horse of war looms over the land, with the ominous Lord Ironcrow at the reins. Because Pib's apprenticeship makes him vulnerable to the military draft, attaining wizardhood becomes imperative. (NOTE: Download link leads to the updated version) From ocean diving to winning at the races, this adventure explores the land of Willowbean that lies beyond the Wizard's hill. New characters range from the Book Wyrm, a dragon-like being with a taste for literature, to Seacookie, the puniest contender at the centaur races.

Gregjazz Music, scripting, sound
Apprentice Music, scripting, sound
Apprentice 1 Deluxe Music, scripting, sound
Dr. Lutz and the Time Travel Machine Music.
Missing In Action music
Robotragedy Game's presenter
Robotragedy 2: Countdown To Doomsday Game's presenter
Super Jazz Man Music, sound effects, scripting
The Find Author
What Linus Bruckman Sees When His Eyes Are Closed Instrument Samples, Beta Testing

big brother Art, design, sound
A Tale of Two Kingdoms Sprite art
A Tale of Two Kingdoms: Deluxe Edition Sprite art
Apprentice Art, design, sound
Apprentice 1 Deluxe Art, design, sound
Blackwell Epiphany Portrait art
Blackwell Legacy, The Sprites/animations
Gemini Rue Portrait Art
Indiana Jones™ and the Fountain of Youth DEMO Character art & animation
Indiana Jones™ and the Temple of Spheres Additional character art & animation
Super Jazz Man Design, dialogue, art


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By grendel on 13 Jul 2017
excellent series. I like the 2nd game more. highly recommended! download the deluxe version

By Kromagnon on 21 Nov 2008
I love this serie! It's just awesome. But i still hope for a deluxe version with a French trad ;)

By Marion on 29 Oct 2008
Very nice game, a bit too hard but I enjoyed it !

By butters on 4 Feb 2008
Seriously enjoyed this game. The music is still in my head as i type, extremely catchy, and the characters are all loveable. Except for a few puzzles which were pretty hard, the game was amazing, with enjoyeable situations and puzzles, with quite a bit of originality.

I have enjoyed this game more than many LucasArts ones, and i can say only Grim Fandango and Monkey Island beat it, because it seems like such a professional game because so much care seems to have gone into it.

The music, the characters and the dialogue all fantastic, with a bit of humour in there. And a female pirate to go with all this.

Bring on Apprentice III, if it is similar to this game it will be nothing short of amazing.

By proximity on 21 Apr 2007
Excellent music, almost like orchestral compose. However, i was really annoyed by puzzles. It seems unnecessarily difficult to me. I don't like pixel hunting. I think few people could finish it without looking at walkthrough.

I caught a bug. When you try to talk Ollie repeatedly, the game crashes with an error: invalid loop number. I wouldn't expect a bug from the "best" :) I was very surprised

As a summary, the game deserves all awards it won except "Best Puzzle".

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