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Release Date 12 Jan 2001
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory None | Suggestive dialog | None
Operating System Windows
Game Genre Contemporary
Game Type Comedy
Story Type Original
Play Length Full Length Game
Language English
Graphics 3, 2
Downloaded 19,839 times


AGS Awards 2001 Nominations

AGS Awards 2001 Nominations

Best Dialogue Scripting in an AGS Game
Best Game Created with AGS
Best Gameplay in an AGS Game
Best Story in an AGS Game

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Larry Vales is about to endure the longest day of his life. His patrol car is about to break down. His girlfriend is about to be pushed out of a window at the Gates Motel. He is about to lose his job. A long-missing co-patrolman is about to be discovered. His sideburns are about to grow another quarter-inch. And Larry Vales himself will uncover a disturbing conspiracy against the town that will shake Stagnant, Tennessee to its core. Or at least it would, if anybody paid any mind to the traffic division.

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By LordHoban on 31 Aug 2005
It's been awhile since I played it. The first time, I was kind of at odds. But then I gave it another chance, well, a real chance this time... and fell in love with both games.

By madmanmunt on 14 Aug 2005
Larry Vales 2 is an improvement on the original in parts and far worse in others. The trailer for the game that came with the download of Larry Vales 1 was absolutely brilliant. A hilarious parody of American Beauty which left me with high hopes for the game. Sadly, the trailer is far funnier than the actual game.

The first thing you'll notice about Larry Vales 2 is the graphics have been improved. The Larry sprite is bigger, more colourful and more attractive, as is much of his surroundings, but sadly this only means the cool Sierra feel of the first game is lost.

The game is in 4 acts and the first two are very enjoyable. The puzzles aren't half as annoying as in the original and the plot seems to be unfolding nicely. However, after this the game goes off the rails with ridiculous plot developments that come quite out of the blue (SPOILER: The boxing contest is particularly rubbish. You find out about it and take part in it in only a few minutes. That's if you're lucky. I stumbled across the boxing match before it had even been explained, something which completely confused me and added to the slap-dash feel of the latter half of the game).

The script is also lacking the wit of the first game. Apart from a couple more childish gay gags, its stuffed with lazy references to everything from The Simpsons to Red Dwarf. Sometimes its funny (I enjoyed the Glengarry Glenross reference) but most of the time it just feels like the author is showing off how much cool stuff he's into. It's the equivalent of the kid at school who can't think of his own jokes so he endlessly quotes TV and film lines. On top of all that, there's an idiotic deus ex machina ending that pushes the already reference heavy script over the edge.

Larry Vales 2 reeled me in with a great first half before crumbling before my eyes in the worst way possible. I didn't love the first game but I could see that it was a quality piece of work. The sequel is an unorganised, illogical, senseless mash.

By auhsor on 14 May 2004
My second game that I played from AGS (LV1 being the first), about 3 years ago. And I have to say that it is still one of my favourites. I love the art, and want to make my game in that style. The puzzles were great and there is loads of humour. Play this now...

By Jordan (thebroonsfan) on 30 Mar 2004
Brilliant! What an good amateur game should be. Just hope this doesnt spawn a generation of games.. I don't wanna grow old while my kids are playing on Larry Vales 275... Damn Grandkids.. oh yeh... Kepp up the Good work!

By Quinny on 20 Mar 2004
Excellent! Much improved follow-up to the first Larry Vales game. Loved the plot of this one and also contains many funny moments.

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