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Release Date 1 Jan 2004
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory Occasional, mild | None | Mild
Operating System Windows
Game Genre Sci-Fi
Game Type Investigative
Story Type Original
Play Length Medium Length Game
Language English
Graphics 3, 2
Downloaded 13,004 times


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Aug 2004

Pumaman: Perhaps one of the most overlooked titles of last year, narrowly missing out on the AGS Awards, Perils of Poom is a comedy adventure in space which will have you giggling and coming back for more.

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You need money fast so what'd you do? Well, you end up getting a job which involves going round the galaxy in search of a rare (illegal) drug for a large cash reward, of course. With 4 different planets to visit, a short bonus section to unlock at the end, and..er.. probably some other attributes. In the 31st Decemeber build, the music soundtrack isnt complete so a lot is recycled. Any releases after that will have the full soundtrack. There's a walkthrough to get up to where the demo left off right here: http://www.agagames.com/agswalkthroughs/soldb.php?cmd=showGame&id=51 NOTE: Please read the readme.txt about the interface. LEFT-click is look, RIGHT-click is use, even when an inventory item is selected.

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By Michael2968 on 13 Mar 2016
This was a fun little game. It's just a shame that the sequel never happened.

By Unknown on 2 May 2013
link is fixed

By Sledgy on 23 Aug 2012
broken link

By alexhans on 25 Mar 2008
HAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAA Great game!!!! Great humor ! Nice animations (Really big effort)!
But the end was CRAP! hahahaa no, it was excellent. You should be proud. Not to hard, not to easy, I got stuck a couple of times (That Goddamed stick to get the paper!!!).
An amazing trait of this game was it's unpredictability. You couldn't guess what was going to happen. When You had to toss the ring and you knocked out the rasta man instead was supreme.
Oh! I forgot! Great Sound & music. I grew addicted to the main theme. And it went along so well with the moments of the game.
Well thanks for making the game.

Please! don't avoid doing a sequel, no matter how long it takes. And Include pappabiscuit and Bastard! hahaha


By jkohen on 8 Jan 2006
This is a fun game.

I just wanted to say that, and that the ending sucks (in a Monkey Island 2's end way of sucking). This is not bad, you know; but now I want to play part 2.

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