Release Date 12 Aug 2003
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory None | None | None
Operating System Windows
Game Genre Historical
Game Type Drama
Story Type Fan Game
Play Length Demo
Language English
Graphics 3, 3
Downloaded 4,979 times


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A fairly old rolling demo, showcasing new (at the time) screenshots, animations etc.

Mods Editing & music

Miez Artwork

rodekill In-game thug
Adventures of Fatman, The In-game comic.
Captain Muchly Drinks Bleach 's computer (game creator)
Indy and the Crystal Cursors DEMO v1.2 Professor Guzzoid
Kinky Island DEMO Joey sprite & in-game comic
Rode Kill: A Day in the Life Game Creator
Rode Quest 2: The Sweet Smell of Stenchie Game Creator


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By Arj0n on 4 Sep 2009
Indosity, this rolling demo uses a dos version of AGS. Try the playable "Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth DEMO" mentioned above in "Other games by screen 7"...

By Indosity on 4 Sep 2009
Once I downloaded the demo, it said that my computer could not support the size or something! What's up with that?!

By Rastis on 15 Nov 2004
I really wait for this game, because I loved fate of Atlantis. It seems that this will become a good game.
Keep up the good work!


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