Release Date 9 May 2020
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory None | None | None
Operating System Windows
Game Genre Sci-Fi
Game Type Investigative
Story Type Fan Game
Play Length Short Game (can be completed within 30 minutes)
Language English
Graphics 1, 4
Downloaded 96 times


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I present you, yet another Battlestar Galactica 78 inspired game. Story: After the Galactica left the 12 colonies, some humans were left behind. This warrior saw his home be destroyed and the last remain of humanity fly away. Not one to roll over and die, he vows to die fighting  to his last breath... or laser! Keep in mind that this is still a prototype, and there's lots more I want to do with it. - Game provides minutes of shooting entertainment (?). It's a plain shoot them up. - A dazzling one enemy variation to shoot at! - Use keyboard or mouse controls (choose on the settings page). - 1280x720 & 32 bits of vast space (I could swear I've been here before  ). - No requirement of knowledge of the TV series what so ever. Have fun!

Cassiebsg Story, coding and art
A Date in the Park Portuguese translation
Adventure: Welcome to the Genre Character cameo
Bake Off Italy - The Graphic Adventure Portuguese translation
Birdy Birdy Programming, story, aditional graphics & SFX
Columbus Lander Testing
Danger Mouse Demo Testing.
Doors Testing
Fallen Hero Backgrounds, Animations and testing
Feng Shui And The Art Of TV Reception Testing and feedback
Feria d'Arles Testing
HYDRATE Head of Quality Control
Ice in the Air Story, Art & Scripting
If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers testing
Indiana Jones and the relic of the Viking Beta testing, AGS engine expertise
Kanji Gakusei Testing
Kathy Rain Testing
Lab Rat Maze! Story, Scripting, Graphics & SFX
Minifeg: The search Story & Graphics
Nobody Cares Testing
Number Rescue Testing
Out of Gas Story, Script, Graphics
Quest for Ekoban Tester
Sabotage on Noegato-Bas Character Design / Character Animation / Testing
Smooth Hide Story & Code & Art
Space Cross: The BSG-Team Game idea & Graphics
Spoons III beta testing
Spot The Difference Level design and graphics
Stable Pete and the Joust (DEMO) Story, code, art
Sumatra: Fate of Yandi Testing and QA
That Day (Demo) Story & Art
The Campaign Of Daphne White Background contributions.
The Clockwork Labyrinth testing, post production
The Man From Fugue State BETA testing
Thrymly disguised programming, puzzles
Unexpected at the Rising Star Writing, Coding, Art & 3D

Viking Music


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By heltenjon on 17 Oct 2020
Fine little shooting game if you want to test your reflexes.


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