Release Date 19 Sep 2019
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory Strong | None | Occasional, mild
Operating Systems Windows, Linux
Game Genre Contemporary
Game Type Comedy
Story Type Original
Play Length Medium Length Game
Language English
Graphics 3, 4
Downloaded 338 times


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Reality-on-the-Norm is a game series where anyone can make a game. This is my installment. Set in a slightly different dimension to the other RON games, Reality-in-the-Norm follows David Jones at the end of a treasure hunt. See completely different versions of old characters, as well some new ones, as you get to witness a completely different take of Reality.

Danvzare Just about everything
10 Ways From Sunday Voice Acting
Black Friday Everything
Blooded Fields Puzzles, Dialogues, Additional Storywriting
Ego in Planet of the Apes Art for underwear and slime
Insane Bert Everything
Private Detective Art, programming and design
Rowen Goes To Work Just about everything (NOT MUSIC)
The Adventure of the Hero Everything
Unexpected at the Rising Star Voice Master Jarl

Eric Matyas Music


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By Hobo on 29 Sep 2019
Pleasing both visually and aurally. A few puzzles required some logical leaps and slightly unintuitive connections, but mostly they were good and a couple of them I found particularly satisfying, there was also a nice balance of variety. Writing was decent enough, a fair amount of funny stuff, but sometimes a bit too random or unfocused.
Overall, an enjoyable gaming experience and hopefully you'll have time and motivation to create more such games (either RON or non-RON) in the future.

By lanchong on 25 Sep 2019
This game is really entertaining. I love the humour and I'm definitely going to check those RON games.

By Retro Wolf on 20 Sep 2019
Puzzles were well designed for the most part, I was able to solve with a little nudge or two from the hint and tips section. A few "quality of life" improvements and polish could be done, but it is a complete experience.

Not an official entry into the RON universe, it is set in an alternate Reality (well how many alternate timelines does Marvel have?). Danzvare has made good use of the RON assets to make a funny and entertaining little game. Well done Danny!

By Michael2968 on 20 Sep 2019
This was a pretty fun continuation of the reality on the norm games even though it was set in an alternate universe.


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