Release Date 5 Aug 2019
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory None | None | Occasional, mild
Operating Systems Windows, Linux
Game Genre Fantasy
Game Type Horror
Story Type Original
Play Length <Category Not Set>
Language English
Graphics 1, 4
Downloaded 357 times


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Play as a sparrow... I'm not sure how to describe the game without spoiling the story and the few puzzles... Made for MAGS July 2019, themed "Animal protagonists". Point&Click Adventure game New LINUX version provided on mirror download link! Res: 1024x576 32bit colour. The 3D main character is a placeholder, due to lack of time.

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By Hobo on 18 Feb 2020
A bit of an odd mix of visual styles, hopefully that placeholder stuff gets replaced at some point. Loved playing as the sparrow, maybe not so much as the kid, but in overall an enjoyable experience.

By ags19 on 17 Oct 2019
A good moral lesson.

By Andy on 26 Aug 2019
What a sweet little game, hope no sparrows were harmed in production

By Blondbraid on 22 Aug 2019
It's a cute and simple game, and I liked the puzzles where you played as a bird.

By Creamy on 18 Aug 2019
Nice little game.

Cheerful and good-natured as most games from Cassie tend to be.


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