Release Date 29 Nov 2018
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory None | None | None
Operating System Windows
Game Genre Contemporary
Game Type Comedy
Story Type Original
Play Length <Category Not Set>
Language English
Graphics 1, 4
Downloaded 330 times


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You are crossing a Washington D.C. road when a truck pulls away revealing something shocking. This game is not meant to be easy. Only a very few will probably have the patience to complete it. The game starts and ends suddenly as I wanted it to feel like you are abruptly thrown into a situation and then right back out of it. You can click to skip a bunch of diaglog and/or cutscenes to cut to the chase, but I would advise you to listen to and watch everything all the way through at least once. There is no save game function or checkpoints system at this time but once you know how to solve a puzzle it is pretty easy to repeat the solution within a few seconds. I will be making a Tips And Hints thread of my own for the game so I would appreciate it if noone else does so for now. DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO SAVE WASHINGTON?!

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By heltenjon on 5 Sep 2019
This is more of a puzzle game/code breaking game than an adventure, but if you like the IQ test sort of puzzles, then this one should do the trick. Very funny voice acting , ridiculous plot and some funny animations.

By Mandle on 25 Dec 2018
If anyone completes the game then please leave a comment if possible.

It seems that 90% of players (or higher) just give up on the first puzzle, but those who complete it always say that it was fair and logical for anyone who perseveres and pays attention to what the goal of the puzzle is.

So, it would be nice to get a little more feedback from people who have completed the game just to show that it's not just stupidly impossible puzzles.

By HanaIndiana on 7 Dec 2018
Really cool and fun idea. I really liked the voice work. I got through part of it, but oh man, I admit I have no patience. And I'm bad at puzzles. Give it a shot though, you'll probably have better luck than me.

By Wiggy on 3 Dec 2018
You've simply got to play this game! The puzzles were mensa-fiendish, very, very clever, and the plot - where a hapless bystander is thrust into a hero role - actually happens sometimes in life. Voice acting was good (for non-Aussies "bonza" means "bloody good") It kept me busy thinking for three days, and the humour was a nice touch. A gem.


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