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Release Date 14 Dec 2017
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory None | None | None
Operating System Windows
Game Genre Fantasy
Game Type Horror
Story Type Original
Play Length Medium Length Game
Graphics 3, 4
Downloaded 1,439 times


AGS Awards 2017 Wins

AGS Awards 2017 Wins

Best Background Art
Best Puzzles
Best Short Game

AGS Awards 2017 Nominations

AGS Awards 2017 Nominations

Best Character
Best Character Art
Best Freeware Game Created with AGS

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You are called by a kid, asking for help. He is trapped in a mysterious place. Can you help him to get out? I Want Out! is an escape-the-room game. It's a short game that should require about one hour of gameplay. Languages : English, French, German, Russian, Spanish

NicolaGs coding, story

Click'd beta test, proof-reading
Adventure: Welcome to the Genre Questions
Kanji Gakusei Testing
Kathy Rain Testing, German proofreading.
Splinter Game Testing

Durq beta test, proof-reading
A Suspicious Date Writing, Testing
Desmond: The 'Thing' from another world! Game tester
Doors Testing
Ego in Planet of the Apes Everything else
Groundhog Tester
Headbanger's Heaven - A Rock & Roll Adventure Game Tester
If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers testing
Lab Rat Maze! Beta tester
Maelstrom Obscura: Case 1 Jed Turner (main player) voices
New Kid Gotta Steal Somethin' Everything else
SLEUTH Voice acting
The Shaft Proofreading
This City at Night Proofreading
Thrymly disguised voice acting
Whispers of a Machine Beta Testing, Proofreading

arj0n beta test, proof-reading
! Testing
~airwave~ - I Fought the Law, and the Law One Testing
A Night To Remember Play testing
A Place In The Sun Testing
A punk with wheels Testing and English correction
A Son of Xenon - A Space Quest Prequel testing
Adventure: All in the Game Beta-testing
Adventure: Welcome to the Genre Beta testing
All pigs deserve to burn in hell Play Testing
AMTAG: another medieval themed adventure game Testing & Advising
Ancient Aliens - The Roots of Sound Additional Game Design and Testing
Arden's Vale Beta testing
Astron everything
Background Blitz Collection Screensaver All
Banana Racer Author
Barahir's Adventure: Askar's Castle Everything
Black Sect 2: The Cursed Crypt (PnC Remake) Everything
Black Sect Remake testing and additional graphics
Blockz [Demo] - A Slider Puzzle Game All
Captain Disaster in The Dark Side of the Moon Beta Testing
Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots Testing
Cedric Shooter (Win/Linux) everything
CGA games screensaver All
Chasing Hoagie (Maniac Mansion Mania Episode 83) Betatester
City of Thieves: Rescue Sandy Betatesting
Colin Simpson Leaves Employment Beta Testing
Danny Dread is On Call Testing
Decisions of the Elders - A Space Quest Prequel - Complete full length retro game beta-testing
Deep Hope Beta-testing
Desolate Everything
Doc Apocalypse Beta Test & Help
Downfall (2016) Testing
DuzzQuest2 QA Testing
Featherweight Testing
Futurama: Who Said That!?! Coding
Gray beta testing
Heed Testing
J.J.Gun and Sepheret island English translation & Beta testing
Next to Evil Beta Testing
Not Fine Testing
Oceanspirit Dennis Gets Textual Testing
Odissea - An Almost True Story Testing & Help
Oz Orwell and the Crawling Chaos (DEMO) Beta Test & Help
Oz Orwell and the Exorcist Help & Beta Test
QN2 [Demo] Beta Test & Help
Quantumnauts Beta Tester
Quantumnauts [Demo] Demo translation, beta testing & Help
SAW Deluxe (Remake) English translation
Sawn 1: Pain is just the start! Part Testing
Shadow Wars [DEMO] Help & English Translation
Sheep Quest Testing
SRAM 2 - Cinomeh's Revenge (demo) everything
The Apotheosis Project Help & Beta Test
The Art of Dying Betatester
The Cat Lady Beta testing
The Far Corners of the World: Chapter 1 - The Book, the Box and the Key testing
The Journey Down: Over the Edge Testing
The Journey of Iesir Demo Testing
The Lurking Horror [MAGS] Beta Testing
The McCarthy Chronicles: Episode 1 Testing
The Secrets of Jesus Beta Testing
The Shadow Avenger: It's personal! Testing
The Visitor Testing
This City at Night Beta-testing
UNGA needs MUMBA testing
Waffle Quest I Testing and Dutch translation
Wages of Darkness beta testing
Warning: Fragile! - Chapter I: Operation Blindhawk Lead Tester
Witchy Woo Beta Tester

HanaIndiana beta test
10 Ways From Sunday Coding and Voices
JACK Voice acting
OSD LAST BOSS Dennis Returns 1.5 HD ReMIX VA
Pink Sky [MAGS Jan 2014] Everything
Play It Again: An Improv Point & Click Adventure Voice-Acting & Dialogue
SLEUTH Voice acting
The 4th Wall Everything
The Mind [MAGS March 2020] Coding/Design
Wilfred:2088 [MAGS Feb. 2018] Coding, Art, and Voice

ToxicTuba German translation
bird nothing
Sabotage on Noegato-Bas 3D Modeling / Backgrounds / Animation / Character Design / Music

raulpuro Spanish translation


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By FormosaFalanster on 25 Feb 2021
One of the games that inspired me to make some :) gorgeous graphics and a very original story, a very original take on the point and click genre. Innovative, a great game!

By Jojo_the_monkey on 18 Jul 2018
How hard will it be for a single room game?? Well... The puzzles are well-thought and complex, but sometimes lack good responses from the protagonist. Otherwise they are very logic. The visuals, the atmosphere and the last cutscene are top-notch! I could easily see this game as part of a big adventure. Well done to the author!

By Blondbraid on 1 Feb 2018
It's an adventure with beautiful visuals, decent puzzles and an interesting twist at the end.

By HanaIndiana on 10 Jan 2018
Fun puzzles and story. Graphics are wonderful, and polished.

By selmiak on 24 Dec 2017
find a LONGPLAY filled with SPOILERS here:


A true gem in the AGS Database!
A beautifully painted adventure game in charming 320x200 pixels with some puzzly puzzles, just like you'd expect it. There are so many puzzles and red herrings put into this only one room (and an invisible basement), it's pure fun solving these on your quest to escape the room and you'll find quite some coin slots and tightly screwed on things on your way but you have no tools at first. Sometimes finding the correct verb to use for the correct action is a bit tedious, but it all makes sense once you solve it (or watch me solve it in the longplay linked above after you are stuck!), and author NicolaGs even toned down one of these interactions on my critique, thanks for that.
The animations of the boy and that stone plate are really pleasing to watch, the whole game is really polished!
A great selection of atmospheric free music as soundtrack keeps you playing until you are through and is no distraction but gently comforts you along the way, just like it should.

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