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Release Date 1 Dec 2017
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory None | None | None
Operating System Windows
Game Genre Contemporary
Game Type Comedy
Story Type Other
Play Length <Category Not Set>
Graphics 6, 4
Downloaded 615 times


AGS Awards 2017 Wins

AGS Awards 2017 Wins

Best Non Adventure Game Created with AGS
Best Programming

AGS Awards 2017 Nominations

AGS Awards 2017 Nominations

Best Freeware Game Created with AGS
Best Gameplay

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'Last & Furious' is a top-down racing game, featuring single track, two physics modes, wonky collision system and hastily set up opponent AI. Controls: arrow keys. Car behavior: can thrust forward, steer and brake (no backpedal, sorry). Physics setup: when starting new race choose between "Safe" and "Wild" physics mode (they will give you two different experiences!). It is also possible to disable car-vs-car collisions (they still collide with the walls though). Physics model in this game is actually configurable. If you feel adventurous, go to "Data" subdirectory. There you will find "race_safe.ini" and "race_wild.ini" files which contain parameters for related game modes.

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By Jack on 20 Jan 2018
This is very cool, should be played with wild physics. It would be great if a future version came with a setting between normal and wild. This should be the default.

By Slasher on 3 Jan 2018
MAG virgin Crimson (and of course Mr Reed) have done a splendid job producing such a fine game that was Last and Furious without debut...

Technical brilliance....

Now, if you two guys could make a snail race I may be in with a chance of winning the race.....

Well done guys...


By Stupot on 13 Dec 2017
Impressive stuff for a MAGS game. I'd also love to see this expanded.

By CaptainD on 1 Dec 2017
I love this sort of game, and this one is fantastic. Would be over the moon to see it developed further!


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