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Release Date 1 Jun 2016
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory None | None | None
Operating System Windows
Game Genre Contemporary
Game Type Comedy
Story Type Original
Play Length <Category Not Set>
Language English
Graphics 1, 4
Downloaded 1,004 times


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Very cute and funny game with some great visuals and brilliant puzzles.

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Aug 2016

Mandle: A wonderfully calming and yet upbeat little adventure that begins when your car runs out of gas on the way home. Navigate a charming and bustling little city, that is however not without its own seamy underbelly, in your quest to simply return home. This is a game that should keep a smile on your face with its cheery tone, while at the same time presenting interesting puzzles, some eccentric characters, and a memorable playing experience.

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Jack is driving home, when he runs out of gas just a couple blocks from the gas station. He now needs to walk there and return with some gas. Resolution: 640x360 Style: Adventure (Point&Click) Music: Yes, MP3 Update: Version 1.2 is now up. Hopefully it solves all bugs and fines tunes a few stuff.

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