Release Date 15 Dec 2014
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory Frequent, strong | None | None
Operating System Windows
Game Genre Contemporary
Game Type Comedy
Story Type Parody
Play Length Joke Game
Language English
Graphics 8, 3
Downloaded 481 times


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Wallard & Gromoid, everyone's favorite, charming & adorable man-dog relationship - arrive in their own and most grandest of adventure games yet. With thrills, spills and animated fun for all the fookin' family, A Planned Day Out is set to be the biggest animated gaming s hit south of Scotland this year! Wallard has lost his keys. So step into the shoes & paws of Wallard & Gromoid and help them find their keys in this high-budget, 1 puzzle adventure with over 10 lines of fully speeched dialogue, 5 mins of not original music & fully animated nothing. Pack your bags and prepare for the least trottingest of globe trotting adventures ever to be produced! All this and less for just 9.99! Gromoid's note: Uh, don't play this. Especially not if you're under 18 and offended by bad language, mild racism towards Northerners and well, bad game design, rubbish artwork, and the poor choice to release this game in the first place. It took even less effort than a PowerPoint presentation. Wallard's note: Stop bloody moanin' Gromoid! Lawyers'll be on t'fookin' phone if ye say things like that! This game ere will turn our lives around, lad! Fame - fortune! All that bollocks! Gromoid's additional note: You have been warned. Wallard's additional note: Aye! Warned about a bloody brilliant adventure game! Gromoid's additional noise: *sigh* (HE'S RIGHT. IT'S A STUPID/JOKE/PARODY GAME FOR OVER 18'S! - AN AGS M0DSERATOR)

Mods In no way affiliated with this franchise


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By shaun9991 on 2 Feb 2015
Hilarious! :D

By Michael2968 on 28 Jan 2015
This is a pretty entertaining short parody of Wallace and Gromit.

By Turb0laz3r on 23 Jan 2015
The voice acting was pretty solid.


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