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Release Date 28 Aug 2014
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory None | Frontal nudity | Occasional, mild
Operating System Windows
Game Genre Historical
Game Type Drama
Story Type Original
Play Length Medium Length Game
Language English
Graphics 8, 3
Downloaded 930 times


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* --Please note this game uses DirectDraw with no filters-- Deadly Consequences! Set in Victorian London 1870. In your office one morning you are looking through the day's mail when you come across an invitation issuing you a game of challenge. You have not had a juicy case in over two weeks and this is just what you need to fill the empty void and give you mind stimulation. The invitation instructs you to be at Blackthorn Manor 23rd September at 8:00pm. Blackthorn Manor has been assumed to be empty for years. Your hired coach driver stops a mile short of the Manor and refuses to go any further, due to what he has heard about Blackthorn Manor, and advises you to steer well clear! Upon your arrival at Blackthorn Manor you are greeted by an unseen voice. It soon becomes apparent that this is no ordinary game of challenge, but a game of deadly consequence with the life of Queen Victoria in the balance! You must solve door puzzles to get into the rooms beyond. This requires much thinking about. Find and obtain valuable items that will help win these challenges for you must collect ten Black Ravens. This game has Modes for Un-Timed and Timed games. Timed Modes: You have been set a time limit afterwhich a poisonous gas will expel: killing you within minutes! It is a race against time. Will you succeed and win this deadly game and save Queen Victoria from certain death? Specs: 800 x 600 resolution 16 bit colour DirectDraw 5 Primary control: Mouse My thanks to all those that helped make this game possible.

Slasher Creator, sprites, scripting, male voices
Belly of the beast Story, Creator and Scripter
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Blackudder: To doubloon or not to doubloon Everything except music
Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots Sound engineering support
Cave of Avarice Puzzle design, writing and testing
Conspiracy: Below-Zero Story, backgrounds and scripting
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Dirandious Kroken Creator and Scripter
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Headbanger's Heaven - A Rock & Roll Adventure Game Tester
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Hyde and Seek Game Idea and developer
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JACK Creator, story, graphics and scripting.
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Frodo Voices of Rebecca and Queen Victoria, beta tester
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Arden's Vale Beta testing
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Finger of suspicion Voice of Morag the cook
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Fridge Follies betatesting, Scottish translation
Headbanger's Heaven - A Rock & Roll Adventure Everything (Creator, story, script, characters, dialgoue, graphics, etc) except music
JACK Voice acting
Maelstrom Obscura: Case 1 Scottish female voices
Oceanspirit Dennis: The Naked & The Ninja Scottish Translations
OSD Archipelago Adventures 1 Scottish Translations, Playtesting
OSD Moby GearWhaleDX Voice Acting
Outrage Dreamer Roads 4-3 [MAGS] Play Testing
SLEUTH Voice acting

Mandle Proofreading, text editing and beta tester
AGS Awards: Backstage Pass Author
Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots VA, Testing
Chronicle of Innsmouth English translation
Chronicle of Innsmouth - Mountains of Madness English Translation
Cold Hand Reef, The [MAGS] Testing
Columbus Lander Author
Crankosaurus Prime and the Blue Crystal Pursuit V1.8: The Fangs of Fortune Goat Milker and Mastodon Consultant
Danger Mouse Demo Testing & proof reading.
Donald Dowell and the Ghost of Barker Manor Proofreading and Text Editing
Easter Encounter Author
Easter Island Defender Author
Feng Shui And The Art Of TV Reception Everything except sound effects and video
Indiana Jones and the Gold of Genghis Khan English translation, Proofreading
JACK Part Grammar / spelling
Kanji Gakusei Testing
Kathy Rain Testing
Let's Cook: with Koala Tester as well as his infant student Nao
Magic-8-Ball Author
My First Big Adventure Story,Coding,Graphics
Number Rescue Testing
Out of Gas Proofreading/Editing, Beta testing
Pickpocket RPG Author
Predators Prey For Plants Author
Quest for Ekoban Tester
Rat Playing Game Author
Red Hot Overdrive Testing
Scary Maze Halloween 2016 Author
Shunday Author
Space Tunneler Testing
Space Tunneler Deluxe testing
Speed Buggy: Manifold Destiny Author
Stable Pete and the Joust (DEMO) Proofreading (not all text)
Strawman Bombing Disposal Author
T.O.T.S: Trick-Or-Treat Simulator Author, Coding, Graphics
Tales Text-editing, Play-Test, additional story content
Tales - Tech Demo Text-editing, Play-Test, additional story content
The Black Hand Gang Coding
The Clockwork Labyrinth testing, post production
The Condemned Lead game tester, spelling and grammar editor.
The Era-Gone Trail MAGS Author
The Hobbit: Rise of the Dragon King Bug Testing.
The Rotary Club (MAGS June 2017) Author
The Shaft Playtesting
The Smallest Points Author
The Visitor 3 Testing
Three Guys Walk Into Heaven Author
Thrymly disguised voice acting
Tomb Hunter: Ramitupem Testing and Grammar.
Trivial Pass You It Author
Unexpected at the Rising Star Voice Adama + Narrator, Beta tester
When the worlds calls... Play tester

Myshkin Music

Giraffadon Background art


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By Michael2968 on 11 Sep 2014
This is a fun game and I look forward to more games in this series if they come about.

By Stupot on 5 Sep 2014
I love puzzle-based games, and I love escape games. This kind of reminded me of the 7th Guest, only this game is a lot quicker and more tense, especially on timed mode. Some of the puzzles were better than others, and there were one or two minor glitches, but overall this is an impressive addition to Slasher's ever-expanding catalogue.

By Shadow1000 on 2 Sep 2014
Overall this game is a lot of fun. As noted in the description, the game is going from room to room solving puzzles to acquire the elements required to complete a single task.

The graphics and visual effects are pleasing. The sound and music are appropriate. The voice acting is a nice touch but something about the voices sounded off as they were not recorded clearly.

By Fribbi on 2 Sep 2014
A very mysteriously good Doors puzzle quest game.

By Ibispi on 31 Aug 2014
Reason why I downloaded this game in the first place is because of the odd, retro and unique graphical style, which is characterized by inconsistent visual elements. I must note that this graphical chaos doesn't make the game bad by any means, but indie and different. Albeit, some of the puzzles were too difficult and some badly designed or too easy, the non linearity and the general design of the whole game makes it worth playing. The developer of the game made a lot of effort in voice acting the game, which I personally didn't like, but there is a button in options menu to turn it off, so it's not a problem. Otherwise, it could make you more immersed into the game.

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