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Release Date 9 Jul 2014
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory None | Sex scenes | None
Operating System Windows
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Play Length <Category Not Set>
Language English
Graphics 3, 4
Downloaded 641 times


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MAGS May 2014 Winner. This game was created for the may 2014 MAGS. The theme was "SEX". Naughty goings on in bed may mean a lot of things. It may mean to have fun, it may mean to love someone, it may mean nothing... and sometimes it may mean procreation! (Don't worry I said "sometimes"). There was a time when naughty goings on in bed was one of the most important event in your life: that happended more or less 9 months before the day you was born. During that, you started a race... It was the very first victory in your life... You were the first placed! There are competitions where it's not important to win. In that kind of competion all positions are for losers but the first place. Even second place is for losers.... NOTE: The game may contain stylized images of body parts. Nothing different from what you can find in the books of science in high school, but in the game you are asked to report your age. To play you have to be at least 18 years old.

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