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Release Date 1 Jul 2013
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory Occasional, mild | None | Mild
Operating System Windows
Game Genre Historical
Game Type Drama
Story Type Original
Play Length Short Game (can be completed within 30 minutes)
Language English
Graphics 8, 4
Downloaded 2,098 times


AGS Awards 2013 Nominations

AGS Awards 2013 Nominations

Best Background Art

AGS Panel Rating

Cross Stitch Casper is short, gloomy, and embroidered. It's also extremely moving, as we watch Casper, our child protagonist, struggle to understand and survive the harsh world of adults.

The finest moments are when we as player first realize the true nature of Casper's situation, beyond his own naive, innocent descriptions of it. The contrast between the ubiquitous god-fearing embroideries and the misery of the home they adorn is very effective.

Perhaps an even shorter, even more naked account of Casper's experiences would be preferable, as this game tends to lose focus towards the end, and the puzzles turn into a repetative go-to-screen-X-to-get-item-Y routine.

The ending is absolutely heartbreaking, and even though the technical solution to [spoiler alert] create the fire at first seems style-breaking, it's actually pretty symbolic that the flames aren't cross-stitched - since they burn up not only the house but also the canvas and the stitches that built up the game world.

Pick of the Month

Aug 2013

cat: Certainly one of the most unique AGS games ever made, Cross Stitch Casper does not only convince with its graphic style, but also its touching story.
You will soon start to see past the rough pixel and get immersed into a sad and deep world with believable characters.

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Most likely the only cross stitched adventure game in existence. Cross Stitch Casper is a game that focuses on story and characters. The homely embroidered graphics are in contrast to the bleak home of main protagonist. As player you control little Casper. But you're not him. You're just observing the world he's living in and the struggles he has to endure. How will he manage to get through his daily live's struggles? Will he at all? The only person sympathizing with him seems to be his grandmother. Then again, how much can an old woman do?

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By Andy on 4 Dec 2019
Superb short story featuring a young boy with his mum, drunken dad, and a good ole neighbouring nana to lend a hand.

By Sam Ferdinand on 24 Jul 2015
Interesting concept with the graphics but it makes the text nearly illegible! Had to play it in a small window to read it.
The original stich graphics are ruined by some less-than-average overlay effects in the end.

The quality of the story and game pace is very uneven. It starts (very) strong (made my heart break), while the middle and near-end is slow and it loses the personal touch, probably because of the non-existing puzzles and the objects placed on two opposite ends (a lot of slow walking to get something and bring it back).

By Janos Biro on 23 Jan 2014
I liked everything but the ending.

By Adeel on 8 Sep 2013
Not only the artwork is unique, it's story is unique too. The game left me quite sad because of the thought that what will happen to the innocent boy.

By krampus on 8 Sep 2013
Man, that got dark in a hurry. Excellent style! One technical note, the first time I played it wasn't drawing the sprites (and I thought it was some sort of 'first-stitch perspective'), frustrating since without being able to see things like the front door, bottle, and mousetrap, it was just a bunch of random pointing and clicking. Exiting and fiddling with the settings in setup fixed it. I had the renderer originally set to "Direct3D9," Smooth Scaled Sprites enabled, and the sprite cache turned up. After setting them all back to the defaults, I was able to have a much less frustrating experience, abeit a much more depressing one. :)

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