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Release Date 30 Nov 2012
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory Occasional, mild | None | None
Operating System Windows
Game Genre Contemporary
Game Type Comedy
Story Type Original
Play Length Medium Length Game
Graphics 4, 3
Downloaded 3,054 times


AGS Awards 2012 Nominations

AGS Awards 2012 Nominations

Best Background Art
Best Player Character
Best Short Game

AGS Panel Rating

Fun, beautifully animated and stylishly colorized comedy adventure with solid puzzles and most enjoyable soundtrack. Gray can be also overly talky at times (the main character memorized a wikipedia-worth of trivia) and could use a more interesting main quest for an adventure of its length. But this are minor problems in this otherwise well-thought-out traditional point-and-clicker.

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Meet Gray - an unbearably cute and insanely smart alien. Being an alien, he's... well... alienated. Living alone on the Moon, with nowhere fun to go. So one day he decides to go someplace... Follow his unfortunate excursion to Planet Earth!

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By paolo on 3 Jan 2017
I got stuck on this game ages ago and put it aside as I figured I'd nearly got to the end anyway. Then I came back to it, got the hang of what I should be doing and found out how wrong I was :) There was loads of game left to play, and I loved it!

This game has similar humour to the author's later game, also with a colour in the title. I chuckled all the way through. Great game, and I can't believe the scripting and the beautiful artwork were done by the same talented person.

Put it at the top of your to-play list!

By NickyNyce on 19 Jun 2013
Gray is an interesting character with lots to say about the game world. The animations are great to watch and the puzzles were fun to figure out. A very well made game that will keep you playing until Gray finds his saucer.

By cat on 6 Apr 2013
Great graphics to enjoy with fitting music and atmosphere, nice gameplay idea but the main character is just too verbose and does not get to the point.

By Stupot on 2 Apr 2013
This is a strong game with lovely visuals, but Gray's incessant verbage takes away some of the immersion.

By Fitz on 4 Feb 2013
Thanks for the very kind reviews, everyone :) Also, now you can follow your favorite (obviously!) alien on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/GRAY/465049040221383 Like it for video-illlustrated trivia, screenshots, little "making-of" tidbits, polls -- as well as news about current developments, such as updates, new translations (starting to work on German version soon). I still have some fun things in store for this project!

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