Release Date 13 Jan 2012
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory Strong | Sex scenes | Strong
Operating System Windows
Game Genre Contemporary
Game Type Comedy
Story Type Original
Play Length Full Length Game
Language English
Graphics 6, 3
Downloaded 5,343 times


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Feb 2012

ThreeOhFour: Over 10 years! That's how long this month's pick was in the works, and it's a fine, fine thing indeed that such a long running project is finally finished. While it contains some crudity and nudity (be warned, folks!), it is sure to satisfy players looking for a more mature storyline. Try Donna: Avenger of Blood today!

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A nameless country, somewhere in Eastern Europe, is deep in financial depression. The sentiments arousing among people allow national and extreme-right-wing politicians to come into power.... Donna finds herself naked in the middle of the hostile, unkown city; what's more, the dawn is coming and let's say that her skin isn't prepared for meeting the sunrays. The player controls Donna, who, after securing her life, goes on a quest of vengeance to find killers of Christian, meets mad inhabitants of the metropolis, gets into a love affair, and discovers the true reason behind Christian coming to this country.

Goldmund almost everything


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By Mandle on 27 Jul 2015
This is one of the MUST PLAYS if you are into epic stories with very dark tones and adult themes...

I spent an amazing 2-3 weeks finally completing this game,,,

So if you are into long playing games with dark themes then definately download this GEM!!!

By Michael2968 on 23 Jun 2014
I really enjoyed playing this game and I hope there are more games from him in the future.

By MannyCalavera on 7 Jun 2014
One of the best games I've ever played, an intense experience. Not just professional quality, but better than most professionally-made graphic adventure games I've played. Horrifying, exhilarating, creepy, engrossing, and lots of fun.

By FlyingMandarine on 21 Jul 2013
Whenever there is mention of the game, it's always praise, but I still wish the game was more well-known. The atmosphere and story were very convincing, and the puzzles' difficulty was right on (that built-in hint system definitely helped). Again... what an atmosphere!

Superlatives are much too common these days, but for me, this is easily one of the best AGS games ever.

How about making an enhanced edition (with voices, for instance) and publishing it so that more people can hear about it?

By zavlin on 3 May 2012
best freeware game iv ever played! This game is a beast, full-length, with excellent pacing and puzzle design thats better than most studio releases. It has to be played to be believed.

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