Release Date 26 Dec 2011
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory Occasional, mild | None | Mild
Operating System Windows
Game Genre Sci-Fi
Game Type Investigative
Story Type Original
Play Length <Category Not Set>
Language English
Graphics 3, 3
Downloaded 2,642 times


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James Marshall is an insomniac who lives in the big city. One night, a mysterious set of events take him outside to investigate - only to realize there is a dangerous threat to him and his friends lurking behind the shadows. Can you help convince his neighbours they're in danger, find a way to safety and perhaps even stop the disaster? * Some scenes may scare younger players, or those with a nervous disposition * Version 1.1.1 > Save & Load instead of Restore/Autosave > Prologue and Epilogue cutscenes > Additional in-game cutscenes, sound & music > Minor bug fixes, stable & working a-ok! Takes about 1-3 hours to complete. Requires: » Microsoft Windows » 330mb HD space » DirectDraw + audio drivers » Mouse » Cup of coffee (Made for fun without any planning or design) Bug: If the game won't start, delete the 2 video files (.s7v) from the game's directory and click through the warnings.

Mods Design, code, testing

Dualnames Cinémania Module
A night in Berry - long version Fog module
AGS Awards Ceremony 2010 Coding/Background Art/Sound Effects
AGS Awards Ceremony 2016 Coding, 2010-2013 versions
AGS Awards Ceremony 2017 Coding, 2010-2013 versions
AGS Awards Ceremony 2018 Original Code
AGS Awards Ceremony 2020 Original code
Among Thorns Music
Barn Runner: The Mayor's New Dress Music
Barn Runner: The Rich Dame Who Cut The Cheese (Bake Sale) Music
Chance Of The Dead Testing
ColourWise Level Design
Cryo Testing
Dakota Game Design, Artwork, Coding, Music & Sound Effects
Disquiet Graphics/Coding/Story
Downfall Additional coding
Go North Music, Artwork, Coding, Design, 20GB RAIN
Go North 2 Music, Artwork, Coding, Design, Rain
Go North 3 Music, Artwork, Coding, Design, Snow
Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Remake Music, Art, Scripting
Indiana Jones and the relic of the Viking Music
Indiana Jones™ and the Passage of Saints Coding
Living Nightmare: Freedom Testing; code help
Lone Case 2: Scars Art and Programmer and Story
Lone Case 3: Showdown Programmer, Artist
Lone Case 4 - Epitaph Programmer, Art, Animation
Lone Case: Locomotive Breath Scripting, Code, Art, Animation
Mage's Initiation: Reign of the Elements Code Clean-up
Monkey Island: Carnival of the Damned Everything
NES Quest Beta Tester
Oceanspirit Dennis Gets Textual Music
Oh no not again! Everything
Primordia Coding & Crispin Lover
Procrastinator OROW Host
Red Hot Overdrive Music (Track 02)
Rock, Rock, Rock Sound and Music
Starship Poseidon(Part 1) Creator of All
THAT DAMN DOG! Noise Module
The Cat Lady Interface programming
The Surprisingly Short Adventure of Leopold Kettle Music
Towel Day - H2G2 Based Game Art,Story,Scripting
Troll Song Verse One - Completely Stoned Programming
Until I Have You Music, Design, Coding
Winners Don't Do Drugs MAGS Winner (Booohh)
Zombie Attack (BAKE SALE) Testing

NickyNyce Testing


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By Doppleganger on 9 Apr 2013
The 3d environment was really cool to see, but felt bland after a while. When you're wandering around and a cutscene jumps on you, that's when it became interesting again. The snow added at lot to the atmosphere, which got it out of the bland area a bit later on in the game. One of my complaints is the lighting. I know the power in the city was out, but my eyes felt stressed from trying to see what I was looking at at times. The sky shots of some of the areas made it even more difficult to see what I was doing or where I was going or coming from.
The escort mission at the end bored me a bit, mostly because I was expecting things to happen during it that complicated the situation more and made room for some quick puzzles.
I didn't understand why I had to be sent back to the main page after the abrupt ending and credits just to see the rest of the ending of the game. It felt like it risked players quitting the game before seeing the ending, since they might miss that it says Epilogue instead of Prologue on the main menu.
The characters were ok. They stretched a little beyond 2-dimentional. I liked how you were gathering survivors and made me think of how that concept could of expanded this game on a larger scale. If the characters weren't keeping the story interesting, the music helped out in that area when those suspenseful scenes occurred in the game.
Overall, an all right War of the Worlds story with some cool cutscenes. I love the way you did the main menu, having it going along with the music and the Ben Jordan movie preview was fun to see. I'll be looking out for that on Youtube whenever it sees the light of day.

By azerty on 12 Sep 2012
Without the arcade part that needs to be done again and again, this game is much shorter.
I thought the 12 times for the same arcade part was a misunderstanding of the game. But after reading the forum, no.
Even if this game was a real situation, doing the same movements again and again is a lack of planning from the hero.
Instead of avoiding the danger so many times (12x3=36 times more or less), i bet a real hero would try to suppress the danger!
Or the character should just find some streets with no robots from the roof to the helicopter... as it looks like a big city... and the whole process is supposed to last no more than 15 minutes...

By azerty on 12 Sep 2012
Adventure game, with arcade parts.
An arcade part must be done 12 times!
3D game with 2D liberty of moving.

By mahli on 6 Sep 2012
a 3d adventure game. Exciting survival story. Good graphics, characters. That doomsday feeling.

By Shadow1000 on 30 Dec 2011
Very fun game with high immersion factor. The puzzles could be a bit more challenging and a bit less linear. I'm surprised that the icons used for look/use/walk were the default AGS icons considering that the graphics were high quality 3D images.

Otherwise, well worth playing!

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