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Release Date 5 Oct 2001
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory None | None | None
Operating System Windows
Game Genre Historical
Game Type Drama
Story Type Original
Play Length Medium Length Game
Language English
Graphics 3, 3
Downloaded 6,051 times


AGS Awards 2001 Nominations

AGS Awards 2001 Nominations

Best Animation in an AGS Game

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Nice graphics, but a very clumsy interface. A chore.

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At first a collaborative project, this one was supposed to be actually a rewarding gaming experience. I dunno if it is really, I just gave it my best. This should be the download of primary interest for you guys out there that want some real adventure games from this Helm dude for a change. Can't promise I'll deliver though, cause I have mixed feelings about how good this one is. Judge for yourselves. I still like SQ1 better...

Helm Author
Adventures of Fatman, The In-game comic.
Kinky Island DEMO Promotional artwork
Moose Wars: Desire For More Cows 1.5 Terrain tiles and lensflare
Snail Quest 1 Creator
Snail Quest 2 Creator
Snail Quest 3 Creator
SOL Author


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By ebby on 31 May 2006
well, after i heard helm was quite a well known artist, and he seems to have a lot of ideas of how adventure games should be like, i had to try his games. i could only get my hands on this one. well, kinda disappointing. the interface was very unresponsive. basically i gave up on the game. not much fun at all. graphics: i'm guessing he did this about 10 years ago, or there is a big difference between doing graphics for a game and spending 40 hours on one sprite.
atleast i got some inspiration, because this means that basically everybody can become a good pixelartist, you just need a bit of practise.

By Anonymous on 10 Jan 2003
an amazing game altogether. the graphics are tops and the story is great but FAR TOO SHORT! I wish there was more of it.

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