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Release Date 9 Apr 2011
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory Occasional, mild | None | None
Operating System Windows
Game Genre Sci-Fi
Game Type Investigative
Story Type Original
Play Length Medium Length Game
Graphics 4, 4
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AGS Awards 2011 Nominations

AGS Awards 2011 Nominations

Best Game Created with AGS for 2011
Best Puzzles

AGS Panel Rating

Solid, but slightly weaker entry in this fascinating sci-fi series. Similarly to Part 1 it offers an "escape the room" setting with quality puzzles. This time around several mini-games have been added to provide variety, but they prove more annoying than fun. The overarching storyline seems to be nicely coming together though - elements of the big puzzle are finally starting to connect.

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## THIS VERSION NO LONGER AVAILABLE! ## ## Full version of Technobabylon coming from Wadjet Eye games in March/April 2015 ## It's depressing that this prison cell is both bigger and cleaner than my apartment... Having narrowly escaped death at the hands of a bomber, agoraphobic Trance-addict Latha Sesame finds herself being questioned about the incident by the city's law-enforcement body, CEL. Having managed to track down his blackmailer, CEL agent Doctor Regis finds himself being diverted to conduct a quick interview with a shaken young woman who may have information about a recent bomb attack related to him and his department... Can Regis keep his story straight long enough to track down those responsible for his current strife? And can he protect this young woman? Welcome to the future - welcome to TECHNOBABYLON: PART III

Technocrat Art, scripting, plot, futurology

Tabata Testing
9 Hours to Dawn beta tester
Alien Cow Rampage: Orion Needs Your Milk! testing
Astron testing
Banana Racer Testing
Black Sect 2: The Cursed Crypt (PnC Remake) Testing
Blue Lobe Inc. voice acting & beta testing
Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots Testing
Chance Of The Dead Testing
Draculator II: Byte of the Draculator character design, animation
ELF: And soon the darkness... Beta testing.
Gray head beta tester
House of de Sade Voice of Melindra and Hag Ghost.
Hubris - a Popular Pub Pastime Testing
Journey To Hell testing and various advices
Monty the Komodo Dragon beta testing
OSD Moby GearWhaleDX Voice Acting
RAM Ghost Testing
Rat Channel Tester
Sheep Quest Testing, Proofreading
SLEUTH Voice acting
Tales help on early version of the game
Tales - Tech Demo German Version Proofreading
The Bum German proofreading
The Unprintable MAGENTA head beta tester
The Visitor Testing
The Visitor 2 Testing
The Visitor 3 Testing
Wages of Darkness beta testing
Yago, the Coquerrestrial Thank you for reporting some bugs.

Monsieur OUXX Art, testing

ShiverMeSideways Music maestro
Draculator II: Byte of the Draculator voice acting
Hard Space: Conquest of the Gayliks! Massive Musical Score
Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Remake Credits and Main Theme Music
Operation: FORKLIFT Music
Procrastinator Coding, writing, and music
Zombie Attack (BAKE SALE) Design, Art, Scripting, Music & Sound

kaputtnik Testing
! Music & Testing
^_^ Music, Testing, Additional Writing
~airwave~ - I Fought the Law, and the Law One Music, voice, additional writing
AGS Awards Ceremony 2008 Music
All the magical things beta testing
Annie Android: Automated Affection Music, Sound, Scripting, Testing
Awakener Music, Sound, Testing
Cart Life Testing
Celtic Chaos - episode two : fishermen's fiends speechomatic omnitron
City (Demo) Neo Cyber-Goth poetry
Cold Meat testing, translating
Death Wore Endless Feathers (0 Day Disk 1) Music
Eternally Us Testing
Featherweight Music, Sound, Testing
Heed Music, Testing
Man Boy vs Doctor Sock Music, sound and testing
Re-Agent Orange Research communication management
Shifter's Box - Outside In Music, Testing, Advices
Shoot, I Got Abducted! Music and Beta Testing
Snakes of Avalon tweak suggestion
The Vacuum music, beta testing

WHAM Testing
Alien Cow Rampage: Orion Needs Your Milk! testing
Anna's Quest Vol. 1: Winfriede's Tower Tester
Big Blue World Domination [MAGS] Design and Production
Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots VA, additional grpahics
Cold Hand Reef, The [MAGS] Design and Production
GNRBLEX (Final Version) Design and Production. Voice of Mind Maggot.
GNRBLEX (MAGS version) Design and Production
He Watches (DEMO) Design and Production
Infection - Episode 1 - The Ship Design and Production
Infection - Episode 2 - [Demo] [REMOVED] Design and Production
Of the Essence [MAGS] Design and Production
One More Fathom Design and Production
RAM Ghost Object Donation
Sinking [OROW] Design and Production
Submerged - LaSol (MAGS) Design and Production


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By elegantmechanic on 3 Apr 2013
A strong series continues. Back in the "escape the room" vein, this one has puzzles that are somewhat less intuitive and I did have to consult a walkthrough for the first time in the series for some of the steps required but the world remains surprisingly detailed and immersive for such a short game.

By emptyhead41 on 1 Jun 2012
Excellent. Really enjoyed it and I don't think it's any less good than the previous two. In fact some definite refinement has gone on. Excellent series. Would gladly donate to the author

By cat on 1 Jan 2012
In this third installment the two other parts start to connect. This game has the best puzzles of the series till now (the robot programming puzzle strongly reminded me of Castle of Dr. Brain). The atmosphere and story pacing is sadly more like the first part again, but the cutscene manage to make up for it. Graphics are average in the point and click part but very good in the various cutscenes. Good music.

By Tabata on 24 Apr 2011
The story goes on in a very nice way. I liked the mini-games in this part because they fit nicely to the theme. Very interesting stuff and definitely a "must play" - not only for TB-fans.
.... and it even more definitely needs to be continued.
A very well made game with fun, a deep story and charisma.

By futurescientist on 20 Apr 2011
Finding a new installment in the Technobabylon series was quite a treat.

Unless I remember incorrectly, the inventory system seems far more intuitive than the previous episodes -- good show.

I agree with previous commenter that the minigame aspect did partially detract from gameplay (with the exception of the Drone minigame -- I actually kind of liked that one).

While episode 2 is definitely my favorite of the three thus released, this is definitely a worthwhile download -- especially if you've played the first two, since the storytelling is top-notch.

I think part of the problem might be that the other protagonist has a lot more going for him from a character/motivational standpoint. That's not to say that this episode's main character won't be fleshed out in future episodes, but the previous episode had a lot more intrigue.

Speaking of future episodes, if the game creator pursues developing Technobabylon games full-time, I'd definitely Paypal a few bucks in to assist in the process. =)

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