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Release Date 9 Apr 2011
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory Occasional, mild | Suggestive dialog | Occasional, mild
Operating System Windows
Game Genre
Game Type
Story Type Original
Play Length Short Game (can be completed within 30 minutes)
Language English
Graphics 3, 3
Downloaded 1,460 times


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Starts with an interesting premise, but fails to see it through. Shows some creative promise, but overall design needs a lot of work.

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Not enough people have told us what they thought about this game.

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The last time I had a tidy-out in my room I found some old school exercise books. Expecting to find many doodles, I found nothing at all. So I began to think: what does a child think when he draws his doodles? Where does he get inspiration? This very short game is the way I tried to figure it out. It's my first game developing experiment, focusing on Emotioneering. Game's music is gently offered by Carey Goldenberg (http://www.youtube.com/user/carebop)

LostTrainDude Concept, Writing, Scripting, Art.
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By stepurhan on 22 Apr 2011
An interesting concept, executed in a pleasing way. Not pretty graphically, but, given the premise, that's rather the point.

By Suna on 10 Apr 2011
Nice little game, clever writing, I like this one.

By jkohen on 9 Apr 2011
I don't know what this was about, but it felt very nice.

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