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Release Date 31 May 2010
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory Strong | Suggestive dialog | Mild
Operating System Windows
Game Genre Contemporary
Game Type Comedy
Story Type Original
Play Length Medium Length Game
Language English
Graphics 4, 3
Downloaded 1,666 times


AGS Panel Rating

While the game was listed under comedy, the horror overtones are far more pervasive in this confusing, often downright bizarre, game. While some of the puzzles are clever, just as many have a peculiar logic (dried up wine to stick things together?). The flow of the story is also more like a Twin Peaks episode than a game, and at points it's difficult to tell whether it was meant to be an experience or an actual, solid game.

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They took his parrot... He must get it back before it's too late- before its little good heart becomes a gift for Satan himself... There's only one man who can help him. His name is Grim.

Grim Author
Downfall Graphics,coding,sound,animation
Downfall (2016) Design & programming
Draculator II: Byte of the Draculator background art
Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Remake Art Contributions
The Cat Lady Author, story, programming, art
The Cat Lady DEMO Author


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By jkohen on 3 Jul 2010
A quirky game. Though the quirkiness of the plot and puzzles is probably a matter of personal taste, the quirkiness of the UI got in the way.

The puzzles were logical, though quite far from realistic. In general they're quite obvious, so even if the realism is low, you won't have much trouble (the gum puzzle being a clear example).

I wouldn't recommend this game there being many others to play.

By Dualnames on 28 Jun 2010
A really weird, random, crazy game, but overall the puzzles are great and really add up to the game, I just looked over things on each room when I played and it was really easy to guess the solution to all of them. Really made my day.

By Ascovel on 16 Jun 2010
The puzzle logic in the game I actually found very solid. Wine or not, when there's a stain on a table described as being really sticky, the fact that you can use it to stick some things together (especially pieces of paper) couldn't be more obvious.

Overall, the game tells a pretty outrageous story, but manages to create convincing atmosphere and offer good gameplay. In the end it makes for a very involving experience.

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