Ratings | | x3
Release Date 2 Dec 2009
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory None | None | Occasional, mild
Operating System Windows
Game Genre Contemporary
Game Type Comedy
Story Type Original
Play Length Short Game (can be completed within 30 minutes)
Graphics 4, 3
Downloaded 4,218 times


AGS Awards 2009 Nominations

AGS Awards 2009 Nominations

Best Animation
Best Character Art
Best Non Player Character

AGS Panel Rating

Some awkward puzzles, and only three locations to explore, but humorous dialog and colorful graphics are a plus. Storyline could be stronger, but overall, game is solidly produced.

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It's just typical isn't it. You're planing on having a relaxing day, maybe going to the movies or having a quiet drink at home with friends and what happens? You get called up by your boss and next thing you know you're expected at work within the next 20 minutes. Groan, so annoying. It's even worse when your boss is an egomaniacal, mad scientist (cliche? Of course.) and you promised your girlfriend that you would take her out on the town. Oh no, you know that girl is crazy. So what do you do? Get in, get it done and get out. Well, thats the plan anyway... Italian translation now included in first download.

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By Andy on 1 Jul 2020
I am surprised this game got nominated for awards and got a four cup player rating. Perhaps the bar has risen since 2009.

Don't get me wrong though, this to me is definitely a solid three cup game. There is some quirky humour and fun puzzles to a game I very much enjoyed.

By Michael2968 on 4 Jun 2017
This is a fun game that I think most people would enjoy playing.

By MrEdwardNigma on 8 Jan 2011
This game was pretty good, but I do have some small grievances.

I didn't like that you couldn't skip dialogue in a cutscene, which, for a short game, this thing seemed to have many of. Also, once you get the sheep the game still goes on for some time but it's not really interesting any more at that point.

On the bright side, it had some nice animations, I really liked the kid playing and the monster. Also, it was a nice touch that you could switch commands with a right mouse click, it really made gameplay smoother.

By Ascovel on 7 Feb 2010
Nice little game with good jokes and puzzles.

By ddq on 12 Jan 2010
This is one of the best examples of a fun AGS game. The puzzles were clever and just hard enough, but all made sense. The visual style is superb, the music fits perfectly, and the dialog was funny. I'm still laughing at the "object of my desire" line. While not particularly long, it definitely makes the most of its time; I noticed a couple parts where a lazier designer could have ended the game prematurely or given a puzzle a lame shortcut, but the game is solid all the way through. Go play it.

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