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Release Date 4 Nov 2009
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory None | None | None
Operating System Windows
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Play Length Non-Adventure Game
Language English
Graphics 7, 4
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AGS Awards 2009 Nominations

AGS Awards 2009 Nominations

Best Non Adventure Game
Best Programming in a Non Adventure

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While the concept is interesting, watching this uninteractive simulation is rather boring. Complicating things is that it doesn't operate like a screensaver, ie, you have to open and close it yourself, so its utility is really questionable.

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Not enough people have told us what they thought about this game.

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WOO is more like a screensaver than a real game. It simulates a random life of tiny people building their large station. This "game" is only watchable thanks to Crimson Wizard who completely rewrited the script.

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By HammerBlade on 22 Nov 2009
I've been progressively less and less in the mood for interacting with something that challenges me. This was almost exactly what I was looking for. I should have liked to keep track of the people in the simulator (see which person had which stats, and what they subsequently work on and see if there's some pattern to what's going on), although maybe not seeing the pattern was the whole point. Thanks for something that's a little different!

"We kill nanobots."



"I ask about car."

"Are you sure?"

By leshaussebons on 6 Nov 2009
I didn't get the point ...

I let it run a full afternoon, nothing much happened after the 1st building.

ps : the screenshot doesnt work here

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