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Release Date 14 Nov 2008
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory Occasional, mild | Suggestive dialog | None
Operating System Windows
Game Genre Historical
Game Type Drama
Story Type Parody
Play Length Short Game (can be completed within 30 minutes)
Language English
Graphics 3, 2
Downloaded 3,547 times


AGS Panel Rating

The author's sense of humor pervades this game, making it a cute romp through revisionist Avalon. Some confusing/strange puzzle elements coupled with a relatively short length hold back AMTAG somewhat, and although the music can grate at times, none of this should prevent fans of the genre from giving it a try.

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Sir Galahad on a quest to find the holy cup Like you've never played it before. featuring: Knights, monsters, magicians, castles, caves and a dog. Partly in shakespearean!!!

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By Andy on 23 Jan 2009
I forgot to add that some of the pixel animations were rather comical and especially enjoyed the 'merlin' character

By Andy on 23 Jan 2009
Hehe, I enjoyed the ending! Deserves 3 blue cups for charm :P

Nice puzzles...and OMG what was that music?! A fun, funny game that I will surely not be playing again.

By Arj0n on 17 Nov 2008

At several places there is a strange way of spelling during this game, which is a deliberated element of the game.

This 'atrocious spelling' is used to add some more humor to this little game and was not ment to 'thoroughly diminish any enjoyment'...

It occurs:

- At several places: shakespearean gibrish
- In the chapel: jewesh-like spelling


By Zargblast on 16 Nov 2008
Three extraneous words crept into my last sentence, so please ignore 'makes one wonder'.

By Zargblast on 16 Nov 2008
Apologies for saying so, but this is a terrible game of the 'give such-and-such to so-and-so and wander around aimlessly trying to find the right character for the right object' variety. It does have some charms, but the atrocious spelling and the real let-down of an ending makes one wonder thorougly diminish any enjoyment.

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