Ratings | | x4
Release Date 29 Jul 2008
Release Type Freeware
Content Advisory None | None | None
Operating System Windows
Game Genre Sci-Fi
Game Type Investigative
Story Type Original
Play Length Non-Adventure Game
Graphics 6, 4
Downloaded 6,759 times


AGS Awards 2008 Wins

AGS Awards 2008 Wins

Best Innovation
Best Non Adventure Game Created with AGS
Best Programming in a Non Adventure
Best Tutorial or Documentation

AGS Panel Rating

An excellent example of using AGS to create something other than an adventure game. Presentation is high, and the level of technical accomplishment commendable. Unfortunately, the core concept of mixing colours is designed in a way far more complicated then it needs to be, hampering player enjoyment. There is fun to be had, though.

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ColourWise, a clever puzzle game about colours! 3rd Prize Winner at Eegra gamemaking shindig! Visit ColourWise's site for more info and levels!

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By Andy on 10 Jul 2017
Absolutely enchanting puzzle game that is a definite must-play if you enjoy puzzles. The levels start off quite simple and as you gain understanding of what you are doing, new components are thrown in, and before you know it, you are navigating through difficult terrain.

Music/Graphics/Story Mode all combine well to deliver a very satisfying experience.

By Marion on 3 Nov 2008
Very original use of AGS, and very well-done made game ! Congratulations !

By Dualnames on 27 Aug 2008
Toll Bridge.. that's mine.. well, I lose at my levels. A lot of times. Distraction beats the hell out of me every time, I need 8-10 retries to get it done. Anyway, cool cool game. Glad I was part of it.

By Buckethead on 3 Aug 2008
Very clever game! Lovely graphics! I don't like some of the puzzles. And the levels could have been a more related to the story. For the rest super B game!

By Ghost on 30 Jul 2008
AGS has fairly often been abused to create non-adventure games, and ColourWise does it to great extend- at the core it is a puzzle game that could well be found at any "casual game" download portal. Technically it's outstandig, and the amount of content (+level editor) is amazing.

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