Search for my childhood nightmares

Started by WHAM, 05 Oct 2021, 00:26

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THIS IS IT! This is the game!

Haha! Yay! As I said, I haven't played it (never really got into the Police Quest games) so it really was a shot in the dark! I just remember browsing through screenshots from it years ago and that particular scene with the head just stuck with me... Obviously did for you as well! Glad I could help you find your childhood nightmare, anyway.  :D


I thought it sounded like a Sierra game (with the cycling cursor), however I don't remember ever playing that game (though the graphics look awfull anyway). Nor Blue Force for that matter, and that one looks great. Need to get my hands on it now.  (laugh) The last Police quest I remember playing was 3.  (roll)
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