If you were streaming (Twitch, Youtube etc), what would your content be like?

Started by KyriakosCH, 22 Oct 2021, 10:55

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There are many different types of content, but streaming usually is either playing games, having a persona for views or reacting to youtube videos. And the presenter tends to be the main focus (not always), personality or looks-wise.

I think that if I was to stream content, it would be something really bizarre, like troll-personality reacting to morbid youtube or reddit :p

It's nice that some people (without particular positive traits) can make 3000-4000 euros/month from streaming, like the following:

That said, I'd rather be Pokimane. Far more money, even less work put in. Though tbh I doubt Wings puts any work in (but at least he has to learn the games).
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If I was to stream, it would be the edgiest content on the internet!
I'd record corners, ledges, overhangs, all sorts of edges!  (laugh)


There are some bizarre cases, like DSP, who apparently has zero talent and keeps pestering people to pay him (and it seems some do? or maybe it's all a scam)

This is the Way - A dark allegory. My Twitter!  My Youtube!

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