Pixel artist for a short puzzle game

Started by Pogwizd, 26 Jun 2021, 14:18

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Hi everyone,

After finishing my last game, Absurdistan (https://lazy-squirrel.itch.io/absurdistan), I was left with a few leftover assets that never made the cut. This got me thinking and after a few days of brainstorming I ended up having a design document for a short puzzle game.

However, as much as proud I am of Absurdistan, I know that pixel-art isn't my forte. So, rather than doing the same thing again, I thought I would scrap the leftovers and try to buddy up with someone who can actually do pixel-art.

Hence my offer: if you enjoy playing point'n'clicks and doing pixel art and would like to work on a game, feel free to get in touch with me. Who knows... maybe together we will create something absolutely mind blowin' : ) Probably we will not, but at least we might have some fun with it.

The game is fully planned out (plot, logical puzzles, etc.).

As for the assets the following would be needed:
- 4 characters (3 would need walking cycles, too).
- 4 rooms (ideally with animated objects).
- 4 puzzle panels.

Because I am planning on reusing the interface from Absurdistan I thought that this game could also be a 2d side-scroller with a part of the screen dedicated for the text.

If you are interested please feel free to drop me a PM and I could provide you with more details about the game, so you can tell whether or not it's something up your alley : )

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