We need a UK-based proofreader! (unpaid)

Started by TheNewSon, 18 May 2021, 22:00

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Hello guys! :)

We need help from an English proofreader who's based in the United Kingdom, since that's where our game takes place. We're still in the process of building a prototype, but the *demo script* is pretty much ready for proofreading. It might be a bit too early to ask for proofreading now, however I've already found people willing to translate the demo for free to Spanish and Russian, and I've already translated it to Portuguese myself! So I want to get my script proofreaded as soon as possible before the translators end up changing their minds, haha! That is, if they haven't already... (gulp)

This is an undisclosed project, so I can't tell much about it here. You may have a look at the old concept arts though!

You *must* be native to the United Kingdom and have Gmail and Discord accounts. Oh, and you must have free time of course! No experience required!

There are currently 293 lines, including pretty short terms such as "new game". You'd probably take around 10 minutes to read everything!

You'll be given access to the localization spreadsheet on Google Docs, where you'll be able to read it and edit it directly (if needed).

If you want to help, please message me privately with your Discord ID and I'll add you as soon as possible!

Thank you! :D

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