Play Testers for Witchcraft Game Demo.

Started by Lantern Bearer, 26 May 2021, 19:44

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Lantern Bearer

Hi there, my name's Chris I'm a solo dev here looking for a few people who aren't afraid of playing around with some Witchcraft. This is my first AGS game and I'm working on a demo that I can release through Steam, prior to finishing up the game. It would probably take about an hour to complete the demo, which is comprised of the first few rooms, and some cutscenes and a prologue which probably take up 10 minutes or so.

This is not meant to be put out to public at this point, if you're interested in trying it out and offering some feedback I'd prefer we communicate via email or PM.

You can check out the website here, there's also a page with some screenshots over in the Games in Production thread:

Help found, will post again when more testing becomes needed.


I don't know if it still works for you, but I sent you a pm.

Lantern Bearer

FYI, the first round of testing for testing the demo is completed I don't need anymore testers for that version - however, I'm making some fixes and improvements so if anyone's interested in trying it out when I have it up again PM me and I'll notify you when it's available. Thanks!

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