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  • I can help with play testing
  • I can help with proof reading
  • I can help with story design
  • I can help with translating
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I Can Help With:
I can help with play testing Play Testing
If you ask me when I'm not terribly busy with other things, I'm happy to playtest
I can help with proof reading Proof Reading
Don't hire me as your only proofreader, as English is only my second language, but I read and write a lot of English, so I may spot a couple of errors.
I can help with story design Story Design
I am a professional writer, so if you need help on a story, just PM me
I can help with translating Translating
Should you for some strange reason want a Norwegian version of your game, I guess I could help out. If you need help translating things to English from any Scandinavian language, I have decent skills in that area as well.
I've worked on the following games:
The Vacuum Nominated for Best Gameplay at the AGS Awards in 2008 
beta testing
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