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Concept: stylez75 (Hypnotic, I feel it fits the theme the best)
Playability: Reiter (There is a lot of possible hotspots and places to walk on)
Artistic Execution: ildu (Really beautiful artwork. Looks very professional. Would look great as wallpaper)
Congrats Brewton!

I also tried Getting the Picture and liked the catchy tune your daughter made. It made me feel really bad about my lack of knowledge of art and culture though.
Looks so good! You´re a great artist lorenzo :-)
Finished your game today brewton and enjoyed it a lot. I like the dark humor. I wished it was a little bit longer though, but I know that it is difficult enough to put a game together in a month as it is.

Also i wonder if it has multiple endings because
[spoiler]I did not use the sodacan and wonder if it has a purpose[/spoiler]
Hints & Tips / Little Leonardo
02 Feb 2022, 12:21
I decided to post a walkthrough for the game because maybe some puzzles are not as obvious as others and specially if you play the game with kids, that can be frustrating.

So here it goes:
First you need to find all 5 colours. Yellow is in the treasure chest in his Bedroom. For the code look at the notice on the chest. The Numbers are the Numbers of books in that colour that you can find in the shelf (232).

Then proceed to the kitchen, disguised as ketchup andmayo you can find the white and red in the fridge. Also take the sausage out of the fridge. Give the sausage to the dog. He leaves the bed and you can take the black.

Take the stepstool from the kitchen. Take the scissors from the kitchen counter.

Go to the bathroom and use the stepstool with the cupboard. You can take the blue and have all 5 colours.

Next use the stepstool with the painting in the floor to take it. Use the white on the painting to get a blank canvas. Put it on the easel.

Take the dragonposter of the wall and use it with the scrissors to cut it out. Put it on the canvas.

Go to the sisters room and ask her for help.

Take the towel from the bathroom and give it to your sister to imitade mona lisas robes.

Make your sister smile by using one of the paints with your face.

Voilá, you have done it. The parents will be impressed ;-)
Already downloaded your game brewton and gonna give it a try this evening!

I proudly present:

The last days were a little stressfull, but I managed to get it done. Please let me now if you find any major bugs!

Edit: There is one puzzle where colour plays a role. If somebody needs the solution to that puzzle let me know and I´ll post it in a spoiler in the game description!

Edit 2: For the first 6-7 People who downloaded the game there is a little bug included that has no influence on the game but might confuse you a bit:
[spoiler]After you gave your sister the towel the hint when clicking the easel does still show the cloth when it should be showing the smile of mona lisa[/spoiler]

I quickly changed it but anyways, maybe this hint helps the 6 people if they are stuck.
Hey brewton, nice to see another one join :-)

I am making progress with my game and think it will be finished by the end of the month. There is some graphics that I need to redo and things that need to be refined, but the core game is almost done.
Thanks Khris, that works just like I hoped!
Thanks! I think this one will be perfect to play with even smaller children. It will have almost no words, easy puzzles and a family friendly story :-)


I have an animated object that pops up that I want to be invisible the next time the player clicks the mouse anywhere. Is there a command that I can put in the room script?

If not, could someone help me out by suggesting another way? Maybe with bool and on_mouse_click? But I don´t have a precise idea how it could work.
Hey guys,
I started working on a little game. This is the first room and character:

I really hope that I will be able to present a running game at the end of january. I did start a little late, but now that I got the story I am excited to get it done :-)

It will be a very small game,probably only around 10min. to play.
Oh man, I really feel like doing a MAGS again, but like SinSin I feel like am to late for this round. Maybe next month. Unlike the advertising, christmas is not really the quite time in the year it is supposed to be, but a lot of extra work load for me.
This game just popped up in my Xbox Game Pass. I just scrolled through the new games section and recognized the art style from cyborg seppuku and was really hyped when I searched for it and both games where actually from you :-) Congratulations on finishing your game! I downloaded it and hope to find the time to play it in the next few days.
Quote from: Rincewind on 11 Oct 2021, 07:16
Overall, it felt a bit too uneven, gameplay-wise. I would rather have seen that it focused entirely on the story and exploration and made it more in the vein of above mentioned Gone Home/Edith Finch, or focused more on the puzzles, making them a bit more consistent challenge-wise.
Having said that, I did enjoy the story, the exploration and the whole atmosphere of it, so I would recommend trying it out for that reason alone.

Maybe the developers were scared that making the puzzles harder would draw away the more casual adventure gamers. With some of the puzzles I also wondered how easy they were, but overall I was glad that I wasn´t stuck for hours on one and could just move on smoothly with the story (apart from the one you mentioned I think. I remember having to look in a walkthrough one time).

But I agree that the games selling point were the story and atmosphere :)
Quote from: WHAM on 03 Sep 2021, 15:58
Long story short, though: I didn't like it very much. I expected more puzzle solving in the vein of Myst, a chance to rake my brain and feel challenged, but got something so watered down it often felt like I was playing a short and simple kids game.
Then again, for people who are new to both Lovecraftian mythos and puzzle games, this may well work as a soft landing into the two genres, so it's not all bad and I can see there being an audience out there for it. Just not what I was looking for.

Thats funny because I tried the remastered version of Myst recently and it could not convince me at all. And I was really eager to like it, because its such an well known and liked adventure game.
But everything seemed so confusing and difficult that I lost having fun with the game. Maybe I will pick it up later again and give it a second try.

But yes, I think everybody has different things they look for in a game, for me it is aesthetic, ambience and emotional connection, and difficulty plays a minor role.
I am really excited for the games that evolve from this theme. I will definitly play& rate!
QuoteQuote from: KyriakosCH on Yesterday at 18:45

    While I like Beksinski, his style (imo) just isn't distinctive enough to make him a top artist.

Really? I thought he had a pretty recognizable style.

I also think his style is recognizable, or at least he has reoccuring themes in his paintings, that show his fingerprint. Like modelling objects out of bones. But I am also not so strict when comes to changing styles since I feel an artist can reinvent him/herself all the time.
My favorite artist for eery and dark paintings is Zdzislaw Beksinski. He also seems to have a pretty tragic background story.

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