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  • I can help with animation
  • I can help with characters
  • I can help with play testing
  • I can help with proof reading
  • I can help with voice acting
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I Can Help With:
I can help with animation Animation
I know a little bit about animation I supose.
I can help with characters Characters
I can probobly give you some help here too, I'm sorta a drawing guy so I'm sure I'll be some use.
I can help with play testing Play Testing
I can test your game for you and tell you about any bugs or improvments to be made.
I can help with proof reading Proof Reading
I can probobly do some of 'dem fancy proof reading things too!
I can help with voice acting Voice Acting
I have a microphone, so I can record some voices for you. As long as they're male voices of course.
I've worked on the following games:
Bruce Quest: Secrets of the Outback 
Art, Coding & Gameplay Design
Magical Whatever Girl Rocks Out In The Stone Age 
Beta Testing & Additional Bad Jokes
NOSTALGIK ( demo release 0.1 ) Nominated for Best Demo at the AGS Awards in 2015 
Additional writing
Play It Again: An Improv Point & Click Adventure 
Voice-Acting & Dialogue
Scylla & Charybdis: A Grecian Ship 
Last-minute testing
Timothy Lande 
My Stuffs:
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