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The Man with No Name
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12 May 2009, 09:13
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I Can Help With:
I can help with AGS tutoring AGS Tutoring
I know how to use AGS in most fields.
I can help with proof reading Proof Reading
I'm pretty good at English, and at proof reading as a result.
I can help with scripting Scripting
I've been using AGS for about a decade.
I can help with voice acting Voice Acting
I'm not very good, and my microphone is crap, but I'm willing to help.
I've worked on the following games:
10 Ways From Sunday Nominated for Best Voice Work at the AGS Awards in 2017 
Voice Acting
Black Friday 
Blooded Fields 
Puzzles, Dialogues, Additional Storywriting
Ego in Planet of the Apes 
Art for underwear and slime
Insane Bert 
Private Detective 
Art, programming and design
Rowen Goes To Work 
Just about everything (NOT MUSIC)
The Adventure of the Hero 
Unexpected at the Rising Star Nominated for Best Music & Sound at the AGS Awards in 2017 
Voice Master Jarl
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