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so these levels were not made for your AGS version of sokoban but for sokoban in general... how do you import these? Is there a way to transcribe sokoban levels in like csv format so that everyone can import those?
and my votes are locked! ;-D
looks very interesting. I remember I played one of these puzzly games ages ago.

Quote from: arj0n on 24 Feb 2022, 10:19
  • seventeen extra level collection packs included, giving a total of 1576 levels

Are they all recreations of original levels or did you design so many levels yourself or are they somehow randomly generated?
just when I had a really bad sleep last night this game appears, there must be something to it...
will try that tomorrow :)
Any chance for a linux version? It is just checking an additional checkbox in the game settings and uploading the linux files (separately) ...
happy birthday AGS, I raise my blue cup to you! May you bring us many more fun games for many more fun years ;-D
I had fun with the dark story
Quote from: Reiter on 03 Nov 2021, 15:20
Quote from: selmiak on 02 Nov 2021, 23:57
any chance you compile the game for linux too?
It is just another checkbox in the general settings and uploading another folder

I will do that, Sir! I have no means of testing the game on Linux, which is why I did not include a Linux build. I hope it is as basic to install and run on Linux, though. There will be a Linux upload soon, stand by.

thanks, I finally managed to come around to it and did beat it. That was fun, though some puzzles were mean, but that is where the fun it :)

and I recorded that as longplay :)

omg, this fish is hilarious! :D
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, okay, NOW I see it! :X

there we go, longplayed it.
but tell me, is there any clue to the safe combination? I tried real hard and bruteforced it :P
this is so sweet, will record a longplay soon :)
there are some interesting points raised in this thread, and I, as well think, that music in a game taken from public ressources should just not be eligible for an award, the author might never know and was probably not involved with the making of the game at all, and as was said before, this undermines the efforts of gamedevs that make their own music or work with a musican especially for their game. And keeping voluntary gamemakers engaged is a good enough cause to keep publicly available assets out of the AGS awards and cheer on the gamedevs that craft their own assets, which is the main reason to have these awards if you ask me.

for best character some good points were raised too. Well, if someone takes indy and let's him stumble through some crudely drawncaves and ruins this is not a good as a well written new character in a new game. But if someone makes a fangame and the character from the original is really well met this is seems like an official sequel then it is really hard to decide. What about having a "complaints" thread next to the considerations thread, where people can point fingers at wrong nominations and voice their concerns on a per case basis and the author of the game/character/etc in question can even chime in and defend the creation and explain why it is right to have that character competing in the awards...



Game Info:
Sphonx lets you discover scientifically advanced technology and antique artifacts on an archaeological expedition in an ancient egyptian pyramid. You are Ignacio "Iggy" Dias, a young and interested archaeologist in the near future. He helps Dr. Allan Nowicz, an experienced scientist and archaeologist who was involved in the development of some of the most advanced technological breakthroughs in recent archaelogy. He is leading the current research on the dig site and he's also managing the buerocratic side of the expedition in Egypt today. Dr Nowicz is very proud to have a Death Erasing Multispectral Ultrawave Mummified Material Igniter Ray Device with him on this site. It's purpose is to revive even partially conserved cells in old, very old and even ancient egyptian tissue and give it back its previous human form.

Of course, such advanced technology needs careful use and planned application. So Dr Nowicz wants to wait for Dr Sebranovic to arrive, the spiritual and logical father of the very advanced tissue reviving device. Ignacio Dias, a studious but a bit clumsy apprentice working for Dr Nowicz instead wants to finally see results and start the live study of ancient life with support of the DEMUMMI-RAY rather yesterday than waiting even longer.
Tension between the two clashing opinions escalates and late at night Iggy sneaks into the excavation / laboratory deep inside the darkest parts of the age-old pyramid only to get involved in a centuries spanning adventure.


Game Files

Since this is a short demo only by now
please consider SPHONX for

* Best Demo

and if you are feeling generous consider it for these too

* Best Background Graphics
* Best Music
* Best Voice Work

now this looks tasty! very promising. :)
Quote from: Leisure Suit Harry on 02 Nov 2021, 09:15
Part III will take place on a familiar dessert planet.
that's gonna be delicious! ;-D
any chance you compile the game for linux too?
It is just another checkbox in the general settings and uploading another folder
is this plugin still maintained?
The save system it uses has an error, look at this, found by horusr in the Lucas Mendoza Demo
oh, what is this? I liked the game so much, I recoreded me playing the demo

This should also be useful for translators or proofreaders, there are quite some typos in the game demo or even untranslated words
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