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The Pick of the month for March has just been changed because my previous choice contained a dead link. My bad  :-[
Surely you've played some good games for the AGS Awards nominations. Let's share it!
QuoteSome more games with missing or not-working links:
Foggy Dawn is at

Fixed the links for Bob escapes and Foggy dawn in the database. They send you to now.
It doesn't fix the games themselves though  := Go play something else.
Nice imagery. The setting looks interesting. I personally enjoy an action sequence in my adventure games when done right  :)

Just a nitpick on the walking side animation: he seems to be limping a little.
Music: I always play with music. I can play my own music if:
- the game doesn't have any.
- I don't like the music of a game.
- it gets repetitive.

Sound effects: I like them when they stay discreet. However I've played a lot of good games without any.

Voices: I love them when done right, which generally means made by professionals. And even in commercial games I sometimes turn them off.

Crepe Suzette looks more cheerful than the investigator from Blooded Fields.

Good luck with the relaese, it looks like you're progressing quickly.
It's good to see it come together. There's a great sense of time and place.

Regarding the cover: each part looks nice but I was never big on compositions with sprites of different sizes overlapping.
1 - stylez75
2 - Sinitrena

I'd like to play both characters.
QuoteThank you for the contribution, Creamy. I have to admit I've never heard of the Green Child - so I don't know, are those gloves or bloody hands? Would she be the player character in the hypothetical game? In any case, cool sprite!
Although interesting, she's probably too weird to be the playable character.
Because she's sensitive to hot temperatures, I figured she might wear gloves.

A typical Verne hero, from the description  (laugh)
I've been rereading the comic version of Children of Captain's Grant by Alexis Nesme lately. It's so gorgeous:

Loosely based on the Green Child by Herbert Read
Did Lorenzo just propose a pick against his own game to relieve FF from the guilt of having suggested a pick against Lorenzo's game...Ok I'm overthinking this  (laugh)

Thanks for the propositions everyone. I put them in the (stinky) fridge.
Good to see you back.

Is there a link with Eternal Chrysalis?
Nice backgrounds, at various stages of completion.

Many are sketchier than in the demo - for instance the ones in the Ā«placeholder Ā» folder - but I wouldn't mind playing a game in this style.
Roger that, FF!

A far cry from your previous choice  :-D
I like both games.
Thanks for stepping in FormosaFalanster.

However Patchwork was already chosen in February 2013. The list of previous picks can be found here.

I'll gladly retain any other AGS game. Please write a little text to promote it.
Thank you Heltenjon.

QuoteI've picked some times now, so perhaps someone else ought to chime in.
I appreciate your concern. I also try not to pick all the games myself.
That's why I've used enthusiastic comments from the game pages lately - with the consent of their author.

There's no limit per person so here's the deal: I'll use one of your suggestions unless another proposition is made.

Any suggestion for December?
Nice. I can't wait to see more characters.
Even later vote:
1) Honza
2) Royal Graphics Studio (A)
3) Cassiebsg
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