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Quote from: Snarky on 26 Feb 2022, 17:02
Quote from: eri0o on 26 Feb 2022, 10:47
Also, in the particular screenshot both look aliased. :/

ITYM anti-aliased?

Yes I think he meant that.

Quote from: Crimson Wizard on 27 Feb 2022, 06:18
Quote from: Amir on 26 Feb 2022, 11:06
1280 x 720. The outline of TTF is very thin, in some places its unreadable. I need thicker outline.

For the information, AGS 3.6.0 already supports font outline thickness and outline style (square/round) settings.

Oh cool, I didn't know that, I can try it but I dont wanna risk it because my game is commercial. I'd rather stick with 3.5.1. Maybe eri0o has really a good idea  :-X
Quote from: eri0o on 26 Feb 2022, 16:39
uhm could you share that font? (had an idea here..)

Of course, I am excited  ;-D
Quote from: eri0o on 26 Feb 2022, 11:48
The way AGS makes the auto-outline is just not good for high resolution usage (but it's good for pixel fonts, so changes would mean having two different strategies for auto outline), and it should partially responsible for such effect. This can be fixed more easily in 4.0 but in AGS3 we are probably going to keep it the way it is due to compatibility issues - age has around 17years of binary compatibility.

I recommend you instead to use an outline font - AGS3 supports this, just make a font for the outline externally and load it in ags.

Or with a plugin use the spritefont plugin - not 100% on this, but I think spritefont plugin is also embedded in the Android and Web builds, if one knows a spritefont game try running in one of those ports and see if it works.

Hmmmmm Do u mean by the first method that I create a TTF with the programs or tools by drawing all the characters, then load this TTF in ags as outline font and change in ags outlinestyle to the number of this loaded font?
Quote from: eri0o on 26 Feb 2022, 10:47
I don't understand much, but why not just use ttf font? Which game resolution you have? And which is the outline size?

Also, in the particular screenshot both look aliased. :/

1280 x 720. The outline of TTF is very thin, in some places its unreadable. I need thicker outline.

yeah a little bit anti-aliased but not quite, as I said, u can see corners and pixelated places. Not quite round.
the font looks like in the picture. the letters are round with no corners, not like the WFN font in the game. (this is made by Khri's tool)


Is it possible to get an anti-aliased WFN font from a TTF like Detective Gallo's font? Khris and Rulaman's tools are great but don't support anti-aliasing, the font looks a bit pixelated with corners and not round.

Quote from: CaptainD on 16 Feb 2022, 18:41
Looks fascinating mate!  ;-D

Thank u, and thanks for your comment on  ;-D
Yeah, it's me. I apologize, I updated it.

Quote from: Frodo on 12 Feb 2022, 20:09
Only on steam?   :sad:

Any plans for a DRM-free version?

No, definitely on as well. I might submit it to GOG although I'm sure it will be rejected. They turn down a lot of games.

Stone Mirth on Earth is a comedy fantasy point and click adventure in which you will take on the role of Stone Mirth, the volcanic stone from Mars who has to save the earth from an evil stone in order to return to his home planet and prove himself a hero.

The Steam page is now online. Please wishlist if Stone Mirth appeals to you :)

I would be happy to hear your opinion and feedback.

- graphics 95%
- puzzles 90%
- scripting 20%
- music/sound 80%
It's been taken cared of. Thank u.
Quote from: eri0o on 29 Mar 2022, 20:45
Amir, can you post a link? I have no idea where the description is. (I am not a native speaker, but I was curious about it though)

It's not online yet. I'm preparing it for the Steam page. If u are curious I can send it to u so you can give me your opinion if u like.
There is a Twitter page and Facebook
Quote from: Danvzare on 29 Mar 2022, 18:13
It seems alright to me. No glaring errors as far as I can tell.

I'd personally change:
"Just slip into his role and figure it out!"
"Just slip into his role and find out!"

But that's just personal preference.

Thank u so much, but I said "my new game"  ;-D not The Secrets of Jesus  ;-D If u like and have the time, I'll send it to you.

could a native English speaker check the description of my new game? (Edit: Not The Secrets of Jesus) I'm not sure about an adjective and some commas. Reading takes 30 seconds.

Cool, thank u so much  :)
I hope u can do it. I think that's the only weakness of the AGS engine. I know some people who decided to switch to a different engine just because of the lack of Android  :(
Quote from: Crimson Wizard on 30 Sep 2021, 23:06
@Amir, the modified native libraries for Android may be downloaded here:
where it sais "Artifacts" -> "libs"
if you've got time to make another test.

I tested (the game from the version), cool, translations work :) thank u. Sound cutting is still there. eri0o is still working on it I guess?
But it's still running very slowly. For example the sounds are out of sync with the animations, the sounds are 2 seconds faster than the animations becoz it runs slow. Is that related to Android Studio or libs(release)? 
QuoteThis is interesting, does your game have any other separate files, like audio.vox and/or speech.vox, and do they seem to work fine on Android?

No, I don't have any separate files. Sorry I cann't test that.

Quote from: Crimson Wizard on 22 Sep 2021, 13:12
So, do translations work on 3.6.0 desktop versions? We need a clarification that this is purely Android problem, or general 3.6.0 problem.

eri0o, I heard you have Amir's game project, does it work if you run on Windows/Linux?

To be sure, I just tested again. Yes it's purely Android problem. Translations work on desktop version.
I'm trying to get the translation done first, that is much more important, then I'll test .ogg
Ok, thank u.
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