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I noticed that, while playing an AudioClip of eAudioTypeMusic (say, aMusFoo), when an AudioClip of aAudioTypeSound plays (say, aSfxBar), the observed volume of aMusFoo decreases substantially and remains decreased even after aSfxBar stops playing.  I've checked the volume of the channel playing aMusFoo before/during/after aSfxBar plays, and its value doesn't change; however, the observed volume definitely decreases.

Any idea what's going on here?  I'm guessing this is related to the internals of AGS' sound handling?

Other debugging information:
* I'm using v3.5.0.30, though I've observed this in previous versions of 3.5 as well.  (I hadn't yet added sound to my game back in the 3.4 days, so I'm not sure if it's a regression from then.)
* Even though sSfxBar isn't speech, I've tested with Game.SetAudioTypeSpeechVolumeDrop set to 0 for all my audio types, and it makes no difference.
* "Crossfade tracks" is disabled for all my audio types.
* For eAudioTypeMusic, MaxChannels is 2, and for eAudioTypeSound, Max Channels is 0 (but ends up being 2 after you subtract the channels used by my other AudioTypes).

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