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[spoiler]I can't find the password for the janitor's locker at the hospital?[/spoiler]

Now and then I have those questions that, I think, don't really need a whole new post.
But I want to learn; these are just out of curiosity.
I hope this isn't the wrong place for this  :P

So here goes for now:

1/ Is it possible to keep the Background Music playing when you start a video?
2/ Why use a Boolean when you can use an INT ( 0 or 1)?
3/ Why don't people use something like a "Game Installer" instead of just sharing the files "as is"?
4/ Do you use Hotspots or Regions to have the player change rooms when walking into/ standing on it?
5/ Is it possible to click through the transparent part of a Character's PNG image?

Thanks in advance for any answer, insight, opinion etc., much appreciated! :)

In the future, Humankind has terraformed and colonized Mars ...and is continuing to explore up to the far reaches of our galaxy
Mars is now known as The Green Planet and is Earth's most thriving and treasured colony

[Enter Name] has grown up in the orphanage of Metro City, capital of Mars, and thus has been given a role to participate in society by becoming a police officer.
He and his police academy friend Darcy choose to patrol at night because of the ambient created by the lights of the city.

But that night, what started like a regular night shift will soon become an investigation for a long hidden secret and other mysterious happenings.

This project is in it's very early stages (like Alpha 0.1) at this point as I'm still learning AGS and BLENDER but things are moving forward at their own pace.

My "stronger" skills : Story - Visuals - Audio ambient
My "weaker" skills (still learning) : Coding - Puzzle creation (I could need some inspiration for that when the time comes)

After some weeks wandering around in AGS and BLENDER I can say I'm excited to work on this project  :)

I really want to thank all the people that helped me so far on the AGS forums. Thanks to you I now know this modest dream of mine can become reality one day!

GAME CREDITS: (as for now)

Synthwave Game Boy by Infraction
80s Synthwave by MOKKA
Electronic by Artur Andreevich
Apollo by MOKKA
Arpy by Dan Henig

3D Models
Rik Vargard
Austin Beaulier
Lee Alex Johansson
Peter Primini
Gordon Zuchhold
Callum McMorran
Ilona Khovan

Crimson Wizard

All right I'm out of options and tries:

All I want is to not be able to either click the ESC key to have the gPanel GUI appear in a room (main title screen room).

I tried to disable the ESC key in that room, or to disable the gPanel GUI so when pressing ESC nothing would happen.

The closest I got was making the Visible to false in repExec but of course it won't work because it shows up for like a millisecond then is invisible again

I feel it's just out there but I can't find the solution.

So now I'm wondering if it's possible that a Dialog Option is only shown if Player has that Inventory Item.

Option 3 "Give him noodles" should only be shown if Player has the Noodles.

For what I know you can't mix "regular scripts" and "dialog scripts" in Dialogs to "option-ON/OFF" an option (based on the "How To Use AGS" tutorials)

Just wondering if there would be an easy fix for this.. or not  :P

So here's the thing:

- Player has to go talk to Character. (so there's a player.Walk script, to x and y coordinates, to get to Character)
- While walking to Character, Player walks through Region 1
- Region 1 has a tint script (walks onto/off) .... (I also added a region [1].Tint(..) in room_RepExec because of testing the thing)

Player >>walks>> REGION 1 >>walks>> Character


- When Player "Walks" to Character and going through Region 1 everything works perfectly. Player is tinted.
- When Player "Talks/Interacts" with Character , Player will walk to coordinates, but when passing through Region 1, Tint will not work.

My guess is that the Region Tint doesn't work because the game is technically paused while Player is Walking to the x,y coordinates to Talk to Character.

Any ideas on how to fix this, if it's possible?

Aaand you might say "Oh boy here we go again" but I really don't get it.

For all the things I've found on the forums I see a lot of complicated coding I don't understand yet, just to put a sound on a frame and also stuff about a channel just for the footsteps.
Are those still relevant?

Because I follow this amazing series of tutorials on YouTube on "How to use AGS" on a channel named densming.

They're still overwhelmingly relevant and very well done but of course, since that time some things have changed.

But one thing that's still there is that if I open let's say View1 and click on any frame, on the right side, in the properties, I have the option to select a sound for it.
If I understand it right, you don't need to name your audio file "Sound1" anymore because now there's a scroll down menu where you can choose from your audio list whatever the name?

Also, my sound is in .OGG file

So technically, in my head, I feel it should work just like that?

Or is it not just like that?

Any ideas?


So, I'm out of options, research and ideas...

What I'd like to do is having some kind of global script thingy or something that would play "global music" while playing through the game whatever the room you're in...
BUT I'd like the new song to be random every time a song ends.

By now I know how to create a channel and have it play a random song but it's always the same song repeating once done.

I know the different song lengths might be a problem, but I don't care having a moment without music based on the longest song if I can work around the Wait() thing that stops everything.
The Wait() idea was to create a "non-blocking" wait time based on the longest song and then it would choose a random song again.

I tried some stuff in the global script repeatedly_execute_always() But it's a mess  :-D

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!  :)

So when my player is close to the left or right border of the room and he says something, The speech text doesn't appear on top of him but is shifted left or right, depending on the character position, like if the speech text doesn't want to go beyond some invisible border from the center.

I've found a topic talking about an invisible narrator that would follow the player but didn't understand it and it didn't work for me.
Scripting is as far on the other side of me as a thing can be, but I did this thing:

Code: ags

function hBed_Look()
  player.SayAt(player.x - 250, player.y - 500, 500, "I don't need to sleep right now");

And it works.

I don't mind copy/paste the thing every time but I wonder if there's a way to make the speech x and y values based on the player position something permanent?
Perhaps in the Global Script?

Cheers!  :)
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