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General Discussion / Market a game
13 Feb 2022, 10:01
Good morning ! I started a game with this wonderful software, I would like to know to what extent a game can be marketed. How can I contact the authors to ask them the question? Thanks in advance. PG (roll)
Advanced Technical Forum / Backup
07 Dec 2021, 11:26
Hello. I have a problem with backups. I cannot use "SaveGameSlot" which saves the progress of the game. I have to make an independent save of each room. I have to use "ResetRoom" which only saves the objects, and include my other backup elements (characters, variables, inventory) in the room load. It works, until I quit the exe and relaunch it, my "save" is no longer there, unless I make it accessible at the start of the game. Question: Could the program save a variable that would say if the backup is accessible or not?
Hello, a general question:

I have a character or an area where the player cannot yet access. If I click on it, the player cannot move to the area, but he still does his action, from where he is. How to avoid this?
Hello, newbie on this forum (by the way on all forums), I don't know is my technical questions will be well placed, thank you for helping me.
I started a game (for a few months) on AGS (great software!), Which will be called Gobliiins 5. I have some technical questions, there may be the solution in the manual but I do not understand everything, not perfect in English.

1- I am not very comfortable with GUI questions. On my "load a level" room, I would like to make a back button, but I don't see the button creation tool when I am on my room, what should I do?

2- For some actions, I prefer to hide a character and replace it with an object, but after a while the animated idle arrives, unexpectedly. How to deactivate idle momentarily?

3- When I load a level, if I start playing and load it again, I notice that it does not reset it. Is there a way for this or should I set the loading code to zero all items? I have very rich levels and dozens of variables.

Thanks in advance.
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