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Test quick reply!
Big congratulations to the nominees! Please expect a PM from someone from the Awards team soon - we will need a bit of help from you before the ceremony ;)
cat, which categories need more votes the most?

(my money's on Best Character and Best Demo as usual ;))
The Rumpus Room / Re: Share your dreams
01 Feb 2022, 18:57
Quote from: cat on 31 Mar 2022, 13:34Embarrassingly, I was also asked what happened to Shattenreyze  :-[
Aww. Will you believe that I was looking at my SR WiP folder the other day?

As for the dreams, I don't really remember a lot of mine but what has been posted so far was a really good read. Great thread! ^^
Hi UKZ! The game is super creepy and enjoyable, just like every other of your games.

Found an error (and I only found it because I love getting characters killed in your game just to watch the gorey deaths):
Space telescope, awesome! I had a similar idea, obviously inspired by the James Webb launch.
Looking forward to playing the game!
Yes, the lists aren't moderated yet. This is something we are considering for the future but as of now, we need to work with what we have ;)
Indeed. Don't worry about trimming some of the content or even releasing an unfinished game as a demo if you need to. There's plenty of demos that were released as a MAGS entry initially.
Thanks, yes - your game is eligible for this year's awards per upload timestamp, just not this year's Maggies.
AGS Games in Production / Re: GIGANT
02 Mar 2022, 23:28
Looks sweet. I love your choice of colors in this one!
Congrats on another release! I can only admire how you continue to spew these quality games in no time.

Some initial feedback on the first part:
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- As always, great atmosphere, quick paced action and excellent writing.
- I figured out how to play fairly quickly but it didn't cross my mind initially that I move with WSAD. I started frantically hitting keys I thought may trigger something, got to Tab, clicked help, ah-hah!. Perhaps a quick intro text once Ren is out in the corridor to explain the controls to us dummies?
- I'd love more interactions with the surroundings. I was missing a witty comment on a fire extinguisher or a TV screen ;)
- I think I could use the visibility of the stats while out of combat, so that I know if I should pick up or leave the consumables.
- The stats could probably use some description. You can figure it out eventually but it takes a while.
- I still waste a bullet when I click save with my gun drawn =]
Now that the year is over, the list has been fully updated with the eligible entrants for this year's awards edition.
We have a total of 82 games including at least 9 commercial games, at least 8 demos and 20 MAGS games (some of these numbers will be updated as I'm still missing some data).

Keep an eye out for the nomination phase!
I love the idea. Fingers crossed for the successful release!
Thanks, Snarky! Everyone needs a break once in a while. Let me take this opportunity to thank you for all the amazing work you put into the client and the awards event throughout the years.

Also to ensure this is clear to everyone, Snarky is only referring to the ceremony client. Up until then, everything will likely go the same way as always and as for the ceremony, we shall see.

More to come!
Quote from: Stupot on 15 Dec 2021, 01:21
I may even "leak" the topic a few days early to give everyone a head start.
I'd love this. I have a few extra days off late December, a couple more in January and the older kid is probably going to spend a few days with his aunt, so I may actually have a chance to do something creative for a change.
I have very little time nowadays but if someone could use a little help, like a title screen, character portraits or a single background for a one room game, send me a PM :)
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