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Quote from: Monsieur OUXX on 31 Mar 2022, 08:45
PS: Did you ask the other artists' permission to publish their share of the project too? This is too precious to rot on some hard drive (until it fails) or scattered away until no one remembers who has the last piece.

I haven't asked any of the other team members. But good call: I'll do that. Of course it's ultimately up to each team member to decide what and if they want to share their work...
Quote from: Mati256 on 06 Dec 2021, 22:35
That's very clever but I imagine it would be a lot of work. Did you have to make every animation with every outfit combination or there is a way to make it dynamic?

We were going to do the main character as a compound sprite so we didn't have to draw ALL the possible combinations but yeah, it was still going to be quite a big task. :D
Quote from: vga256 on 03 Dec 2021, 17:42
Just dropped in to say thanks for your work on FoY, and sharing these great assets!

I first heard of AGS and FoY through the original Barnett College site back in 2004. If it hadn't been for this brief exposure, I would have never made note of Eternally Us several years later.... and several years after that, work professionally in the (adventure) game industry.

So, my hat's off to your project - it lives forever in a happy time when adventure games became exciting again. Thank you.

With your permission, I'd like to upload these files to so they have more permanent lifespan... our AGS history seems to vanish any time files live on external hosts :)

Thanks for the kind words and feel free to upload it to - that's actually a great idea!
Quote from: Mati256 on 02 Dec 2021, 01:12
Thank you Miez!
I would have loved to play that fight inside a truck or to be in Buenos Aires.
But, the thing I'm most curious about is the character creation... what was that about?

We decided that working with the Indiana Jones IP was a huge risk, that we were no longer willing to take. But we still wanted to make an Indiana Jones game ... so the character creator was our sneaky way of still making this possible; because players got to pick outfits and the name for their character (and yes, there was going to be a fedora and a fine leather jacket in the selectable outfit parts :D ) you COULD if you wanted to, turn it into the next Fate of Atlantis. All up to the player.  (laugh)

It wasn't the worst idea...
Quote from: Creamy on 01 Dec 2021, 23:28
Nice backgrounds, at various stages of completion.

Many are sketchier than in the demo - for instance the ones in the Ā«placeholder Ā» folder - but I wouldn't mind playing a game in this style.

Yeah, I made these placeholders so we could do development on rooms and puzzles while "final" backgrounds were being made.
Quote from: Babar on 01 Dec 2021, 15:55
Could you share the tutorial you made relating to FoY as well? I remember it being very useful, and it would be a shame to have it lost!

Haha, that old thing? Sure, I've uploaded a copy! Google Drive, Dropbox, MediaFire
Quote from: cat on 01 Dec 2021, 09:19
Thanks! You might also want to put your name in the license file, people might otherwise have a hard time when doing a proper attribution.

Again, good suggestion! I've updated the file...

And thanks for your kind words! Ultima Thule was indeed a great location to end the game. We didn't want hot deserts or steaming jungles for the penultimate location (as they have been done in Indiana Jones stories A LOT) so we opted for arctic. Antarctic in fact :D
Bonus points for mentioning Smilla's Sense of Snow. Such a great book!
Quote from: cat on 30 Nov 2021, 21:36
(btw, it seems you need to login with a Google account to access the files - is this intentional?)
Ah yes ... it's stored on Google Drive. I'll add a Dropbox link as well!
As some of you may have already heard, the Fountain of Youth project was terminated recently. Sad but true ... I left the project over a year ago but I was part of it for years (when it was still known as "Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth").
Because it seems a shame to have all of my work gather digital dust on my harddisk, I've decided to share all the graphics (and some lore documents) I've made. Perhaps someone can put them to good use or it might just be a fun browse. I've removed a number of files:

- all sprites made by other artists
- all background art made by other artists
- all music made by other artists
- all graphics with the "Indiana Jones" logo (no wish to anger the Disney legal department :D )

All the rest is my own work and I release it under a CC Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

Download the archive from Google Drive HERE.
Download the archive from Dropbox HERE.
Download the archive from MediaFire HERE.
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