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This is a test post.
Advanced Technical Forum / test
26 Apr 2022, 17:05
Code: ags
Some words
Completed Game Announcements / Re: test
26 Mar 2022, 17:55
Code: ags
echo "test";
Completed Game Announcements / Re: test
24 Mar 2022, 18:23

Completed Game Announcements / Re: test
23 Mar 2022, 21:43
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Everything is technically possible, since I'm writing the site from scratch.  I'll look into it, but it may not be a day one feature if it's too much effort to implement.  Currently the idea is to reproduce the functionality we already have in the live site, just with the new design (and completely fresh code).
Quote from: eri0o on 16 Feb 2022, 19:11
AGA, I didn't meant to pressure you in any form, you do a lot already. I think you do an amazing job keeping this forum going, web maintenance is hard and the internet is an agressive place. Slow is always better than burnout. Take your time.

Oh yeah, no pressure, don't worry.  Just thought I'd may as well give an update.
tampie85's redesign is going ahead, albeit slowly.  She's given me all the designs we need, I'm just gradually working through the implementation.  I work in development all day though, so my energy for it in my free time can be limited!
I managed to get hold of Hajo, and he'll start the IRC daemon when he gets the chance.
dasjoe, who hosts / hosted the IRC server, hasn't been a regular AGS user in years.  I'm surprised it lasted even this long.  I've sent him a message, we'll see if he responds.

The vast majority of people moved to Discord years ago though.
I 'celebrated' my 20 year AGS anniversary last year.  I joined a couple of weeks before my 16th birthday...  It's also going on ten years since I took over administration of the AGS site and forums from CJ.
Quote from: heltenjon on 01 Feb 2022, 20:00
Quote from: AGA on 01 Feb 2022, 19:47
Quote from: morganw on 31 Mar 2022, 00:28
Quote<MODULE/PLUGIN:> <name> <version> - <Optional short description>
Should this be changed to say:
Quote<MODULE/PLUGIN/TOOL:> <name> <version> - <Optional short description>

What's the context?

It's the Board Rules for the sub-board with the new name.

Thanks, I updated that.  I think the post basically makes sense now, although some explicit rules regarding tools might be useful too.
Quote from: morganw on 31 Mar 2022, 00:28
Quote<MODULE/PLUGIN:> <name> <version> - <Optional short description>
Should this be changed to say:
Quote<MODULE/PLUGIN/TOOL:> <name> <version> - <Optional short description>

What's the context?
And the winner is...  Not telling, go look for yourselves!
Sorry, this was a bug introduced by background work to support the eventual release of the new site.  Check again, it should be fine now.
I didn't see any of the issues you described when I looked, but I did rename image 3 to image 2 so it's more in line with what you'd expect to see.
Thanks for the report.  Two separate, but related issues.  Browsers have been getting more strict recently about CORS.  Both the live search JavaScript and search page PHP were rejecting the searches because they were coming from the non-www version of the site.  A minor tweak to both seems to have fixed it.
Quote from: heltenjon on 05 Nov 2021, 00:04
I got a very similar message when I tried to upload images for my game entry in the database. The difference was that the denied permission was on line 1094 ( the long url ended with public_html/pages/game/add_or_edit.php )

So currently, I've got an entry with no available screenshots. There was no trouble adding the pictures to the Completed Games Announcement thread, though.

Sorry about that, side effect of the fix for the forums.  You'll see I uploaded a placeholder image, which you should now be able to overwrite.
Should be okay now.
Yeah, exactly.  It would probably make more sense for me to export a list of all the http links, and for us to have a community effort to check whether they're also accessible at https.  Checking them by script wouldn't necessarily work unfortunately, as some hosts like MediaFire make things complicated by having an extra step before the download, captchas etc.
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